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I won't be shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods!!!

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Apparently the Sandy Hook shooting has caused Dick's Sporting Goods to issue an assault weapons ban of their own. I suppose it is their right to do so, and it is my right to not spend a dime with them, this kind of thing really pi$$e$ me off.:mad:
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Right now the only thing I will be getting at Dick's Sporting Goods is AMMO if they have it. Hell, with the current shortage of ammo in all stores and on-line, I will buy it where I can find it.
I'm generally unimpressed with Dick's as it is. Most of their prices in my area for firearms are inflated despite competition from Academy and Sports Authority in the same area. Most stores around here keep the ammo behind the counter so you can't even see what they have. In general it is a miserable experience.

Like I need one more reason to not shop there?
When my local Dick's pulled all the AR type guns off their shelves I spoke to the store manager and told him I would no longer enter his store nor buy anything from his store.
I have a Gander in the same mall and a Herb Philipsons just a mile away as well as several mom/pop LGS'. They will get my business.
The store manager was not at all happy...awww too bad.
I talked with a Dick's employee about the new rules. He said that they didn't stock many AR's or mini's to begin with and his thought was that it's a marketing ploy to attract the anti gun crowd to choose their store over the other stores that sell similar products related to organized sports which is what they sell the most.

This store is located in a mall only 2 doors down from Sports Authority and across the street is a Gander Mountain.
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