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  1. remi514

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    Hey guys I have been looking at reloading for awhile now but I just don't know where to start. I was hoping one of you guys could point me towards a cheap kit that had everything I needed to start reloading. I don't want anything really fancy just like a single stage press. Thanks for all your help.
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  2. c3shooter

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    Step 1- buy a copy of The ABCs of Reloading (check Amazon for a cheap copy) Read before buying anything.
  3. remi514

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    Thanks both of you guys im going to look into both of those.
  4. lonyaeger

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    The RCBS package comes with one reloading manual from Speer (if you like Speer bullets, which I don't, but it least it gives you some introduction to reloading), but it could never be as comprehensive as the ABCs.
  5. hiwall

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    If you have a friend that reloads, its great to watch someone actually reload a box to see if it is something you really want to do. Stop in at a couple of gunshops and say that you are thinking about getting into reloading, sometimes they have some used stuff or pointers. Read and listen alot before you decide to jump in. Its not for everyone.
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    I bought my first press rather quickly when I discovered the price of .44 mag ammo at the store was for 20-25 rounds instead of 50. Ammo is much higher now, so I'm glad I got into it. My first press was a Lee Pro 1000 that I got from the Internet for about $135 delivered to the door. The priming system eventually drove me to Dillon, but I did load thousands of rounds. I've been shooting cowboy action matches for ten years and I would have gone to the poor house if I bought everything factory new. When we first began, we shot 7 times a month. Now we do 3-4. I like the money saving part of it, not endless hours cranking out ammo, so I like a high volume setup. I load shotgun, too. When we started, you could buy a box of game loads for $2.75/box and now it's about $6.99/box. A Lee Anniversary kit or turret press kit would be a cheap way to start. Lee dies are cheaper than the other brands and work well. You could buy a Dillon Square Deal, which is their cheapest progressive. If all you do is pistol rounds, that's all you need. Whatever you do, buy several manuals and read them first before reloading anything. I suggest the Lee and the Lyman manuals as a start. You can get more later on. For a variety of loads, I like the small plastic bound Load Books which are caliber specific. The one in .38 Special says it contains "1,418 proven & tested loads." They are many places for about $8-9.