I want to know all about the crossbow for deer hunting.

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  1. Josey Wales '94

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    I was wanting to get a jump start this October on the rifle guys, usually me, here in Texas. Bow season starts a month before rifle season so I wanted to get a longer season, and a better, earlier chance on one of my bucks. We have a hundred acres and about 7 bucks that frequent our place. I want to know all about the crossbow, what to not do and what to do.
    Good bow?
    Arrows/Broadheads to use?
    How to string it right?
    How to care for it?
    Anything you can add, Thank you
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  2. rodent.22

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    JW the new AR based crossbows look pretty cool. A bow mounted on an AR lower is a pretty good idea. I've seen quite a few advertisements for these in the gun magazines lately. I know absolutely NOTHING about a crossbow. Best of luck!:D

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    Wicked Ridge Crossbows - Welcome To Wicked Ridge - Simply The Best Crossbows Under $500...Ever.

    As you can see from the link you can buy a crossbow with a cocking mechanism. I strongly recommend using a cocking mechanism as many of the bows have up to 175 lb. draw weight.

    Many come equipped with 3 dot, red dot optics and the scopes are usually sighted-in at 20, 30, and 40 yards.

    The arrows are referred to as bolts. You can use standard broad heads, although, there are broad heads on the market designed for crossbows. One I'm familiar with is XBOW TRICK. SLICK TRICK BROADHEADS.

    I have guided in the past for handi-capped archers and let me tell ya, crossbow are very accurate and deadly.
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    I myself have been saving for a while to purchase the PSE TAC-15, a crossbow upper that fits to one of my AR lowers. I shot one at the range a while back a few different times and liked it's accuracy, power and quietness. The crossbow and the bolts themselves are a little bit pricey, so gonna have to be careful with them rascals.

    Any intel I have learned about their functions, operation and performance has been gained from the internet, reviews, product reps, Gun Shows, owners of the bow itself, and my limited hands on range experiences...and I liked it. :)

    I got people here as you can see, that can help me out too! :D

    I feel informed enough, and my exposure with the product convinces me that I feel I need one. When I finally have one, that's when the fun begins. ;)