I usually don’t live much in the past

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    I usually don’t live much in the past, occasionally I remember some of the things I did a long time ago and smile mostly at just how ignorant I was.

    Sitting at the computer this morning I got to remembering 1969, a great year. I had just got kicked out of high school had no job, spent a lot of time in Berkley with my ex-art teacher who took it on herself to teach me a deferent kind of art.

    I was contemplating life at that time, getting high and sex all the time did not cut it. So I decided I would join the U.S. Navy. I went down to the Navy Recruiter and told them I wanted to enlist and when they found out I was not 18 they just laughed and told me they did not let anyone in under that age.

    So not being daunted I walked out of their office and across the hall to the Army recruiter. Yes they would take me on my 17th birthday, which was a few months away. Having got paperwork ready I was scheduled for a physical. I passed but to be fair a one lagged blind man could pass during the Vietnam War. I was 14 lbs under the minimum weight so the Dr. shortened me in height to make up for it.

    The day came and I turned 17 off the a quick check up at the Meps (not what it was called back then), I raised my right hand and was sworn in and on the buss to Basic training by 10 am. Basic at Ft. Ord, Ca. then off to Ga. For AIT, in the second to the last week of AIT we got our orders. Everyone was quite excited to find out where we were going next.

    The moment came and my name was called and the First Sergeant smiled and said ARVN training. I was happy to know I was going some place else then Georgia, but a little confused as to what and where ARVN train was. I sure hoped it was not in NY, so after we were dismissed from formation I collected my orders and the first Sergeant congratulated me with a happy grin on his face and said Welcome to Vietnam.

    I was speechless as it sunk in; **** people were shooting at us over there.

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    Yes, why yes, they were. I'm glad you came back home in one piece. Very many did not. [​IMG]

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    What a way to grow up opaww!

    Thank you for your service to our country and I too am glad you are here to share this with us.
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    Thank you for your service opaww.

    I entered the Air Force at seventeen with my parents permission/signature. I also volunteered for Nam, but never got orders. Looking back, I think it was a mixed blessing.
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    My dad joined the Navy when he was 17 in 1942. He had to have a letter or form signed by his mother to get in. He stayed until '62.

    Thanks for your service, Opaww.
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    Thanks for serving, but i'm having trouble understanding this part:
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    Hello ''Vietnam''

    opaww: Ma'am, do you remember ''Arlo Guthrie":) hahahha;

    Thanks for serving, :) and sharing this memory:
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    Oh wow man. When I first started reading I thought it was gonna be a story about sneaking away to Woodstock for a wild weekend of sex, drugs and rock n roll.:D

    Thank you for your service.:cool:
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    I'm guessing GA was looking a lot batter at this point.
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    I've always said and truly mean it: I'd give up the rest of my life just to live one full year again in the '60's. (1969 was one hellava year to remember) :)