I tried a Remington 770 today!!

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    We've got a problem with bobcats getting after our goats and I don't have a rifle with a scope. I have my SKS, that is very accurate with open sights, but with my older eyes a thought a scope would be nice for once, and since my neighbor has a bunch of rifles, he loaned me one. I shot it at 50 yards (too hot to get out in the direct sun very long when it's over a 100 actual). Three shots at about 3/4 to 1". I was impressed. That's more accurate than I am! Anyone have any experience with one of these. The .243 was loud (my wife mentioned that), but the bolt operated smoothly and I had no problems. My former son-in-law borrowed a Howe (spelling) in .243 when he was here a couple of years ago and when he slammed the bolt home to chamber a cartridge, it would fire. I told him to unload it and take it back!! This one shot like a dream. Thanks for any info. I may try to trade him out of it.

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    Howa is generally consider a quality gun.

    Per the 770- a better gun than the 710. But you can find a used 700 for the cost of a new 770. The only 770 I've ever handled was something that I picked up for a friend. Traded an assembled YHM lower for it. Felt infinitely better than the 710 I had when they first came out.

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    barrow the 770 shoot the cats and give it back to the neighbor everyone will be happy
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    If you like it, get it!
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    The Remington model 770 is an "improved" version of the model 710. How much are you planning on shooting it? They won't hold up under extensive use IMO. There's much better rifles out there for the same price. Check out the Marlin XS-7, the Savage Edge,or the Stevens 200.Sorry but Remington has left a bitter taste to me after fixing/sending back several rifles of that type. I can't recommend it.

    Didn't mean to rain on your parade but I've seen too many bad 1s. They're good for the occasional shooter. The 770 IS much better than the 710.
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    I to have also had problems with them, major problems. I recommend the Marlin XS7 in 243 or 7mm-08. Excellent rifles.
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    Except the bobcats, of course.