I took my CCW class yesterday!

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    I had a great time too. There was 8 of us in the class. The instructor was a real good guy. He was recommended to me by my ffl when I picked up my XD9. He is an ex marine. After the marines he became a LEO in town. He moved to criminal investigations and then to an undercover drug enforcement agent.
    He has since retired from the force but is still on reserve with them. He is now working security at Duke Power's Maguire Nuclear Station. He had some really good stories to tell us. It was a very informative class and I feel much more comfortable with my firearm. Of coarse, the qualification was the most fun part of the day. We only shot 30 rounds though. He said we could hang out and shoot some more if we wanted but it started raining a bit so I didn't stay. He also said we could come to his place to shoot if we want too. That will be great because the nearest range is over a half hour away. I like shooting outside so much better anyway. Now I just have to wait for my permit. Usually it takes around 4-6 weeks. That will give me some time to get a belt and holster and practice drawing with it. Thanks for listening, just wanted to share.
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    Congratulations! I enjoyed the heck out of my CC class aw well. When time permits, I'm going to try to go take the next pistol course offered by the instructor.