I think I wasted $10

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ScottG, Jun 21, 2008.

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    So there was a local gun show. Free parking and only $10 at the door.

    Not one Velvet Elvis or John Wayne in sight!!!! :eek:

    What are gun shows coming to these days when you can't even find jerky!

    Anyway, the show was basically inside a basketball court sized area. There was only one ammo dealer. The usual suspects for mags and aftermarket AR and AK accessories were there, but as I'm not interested in those platforms, it didn't really mean much to me.

    I found one dealer with 15 round USGI unissued Carbine mags and he wanted over $30. I can do better from J&G Sales. I did see a nice display of Trapdoor Springfields. Sadly, waaayyyy out of my price range. :(

    All in all, just a very small show. I picked up another speedloader for the .357 for $1.50 cheaper than the regular shows, but couldn't find anything for my '03 Springer, Garand, or Carbine.

    There were CheaperThanDirt catalogs for the taking and it had a 10% off coupon. Might be worth a look.

    On the way out I stopped by a USA Shooting affiliate table. Spent some time talking to the lady manning - or is that womaning? - the booth. She reminded my that youth shooting programs are very important to keep the shooting sports, self defense and the Second Amendment alive. Why would she tell me about that?? Because I took my daughter to her first gun show! Too bad it was this one. Anyway, four more years and she's eligible to join the youth program. Guess there'll be father daughter range time in the future....

    Remember, take your son or daughter shooting. It's for the children....
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    Sounds like a pretty good day after all! That being said, I've noticed gun shows have degenerated over the last 10 years to flea market type crap. Gone are the days of finding reasonably priced milsurp rifles in good shape. Ammo is no longer very available nor is it cheap when you can find it. Reloading supplies are non-existent also. Now I buy almost everything online! Many jurisdictions have forced the show promoters out of town with their new laws and fees.

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    Gun shows here in CenTex are terrible. 50% of the stands are airsoft, rubberband guns, cheap knives and blowguns. Everything else is overpriced.