I shoot every single day. Should I be cleaning my gun every day?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Mr. Wick, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. Mercator

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    You have been hired as a bodyguard?
  2. Mr. Wick

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    I am part of a company that does executive escorts.

  3. sheriffjohn

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    Shooting that much through one gun, I advise you to have a spare. Same model, set up exactly the same. Alternate them. Magazines are, in my experience, a weak point in any weapon system, so be very careful with magazines. My competition mags were numbered as are my duty magazines. It doesn't take much to bend a lip, crack a bottom plate, or introduce something foreign into a magazine. When a problem mag is identified, seperate it immediately from the good ones until the problem is resolved. Have fun Mr. Wick and make every shot better than the last. Fast is fine but accuracy is final.

    Glock sales rep showed up with a full-auto Glock 9mm to let us try out. They wanted to see how many rounds it would fire without cleaning. It was up to nearly 4,000 shots when we shot it, still going. BTW possibly the most useless pistol for a LE agency I ever saw. Asked who he sold those to. "Small town police chiefs".
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  4. OLD Ron

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    I clean after every trip out .
    I also clean guns I haven't shot every 6 months . A light coat of oil keeps any rust away so why not protect the investment . I clean & oil knifes I just look at too . :)
  5. Sniper03

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    Old Ron

    Has another good point! About every 6 months or so I go through my safes and clean guns. Especially the Shotguns since they seem to be more susceptible to atmospheric effects despite the fact I have Desiccant Cylinders in the Safe to prevent moisture. My one safe has one of the Plug in Rod Units in it. I probably should put my tactical type rifles in the Safe that has the Desiccant since they are less apt to have moisture issues due to their finishes.
    So I clean all of them and lube them.

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  6. Mr. Wick

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    I only have one gun. But I'm debating getting the P320 X 5 legion. Should I go full steel or Polymer?
  7. Notrighty

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    I like steel guns but your the one that’s gotta carry it. As far as cleaning I run about 500 thru my 9mm before cleaning. About 200 for my guns that fire cast bullets.
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  8. tac foley

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    1. Shoot it.

    2. Clean it.

    But why clean it BEFORE you go shooting?
  9. Ingramite

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    I learned to put my pistol on the bottom rack of the dishwasher the hard way.
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    I thought i was the only one
  11. G66enigma

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    I'd suggest heading to a couple of large, well-stocked rental ranges where you can try out a great number of different guns. Being new to shooting, it's hard to know what's going to be the best-performing in your hands, until you get experience with a wide variety of them.

    I've been shooting sidearms regularly since 1990 or so. In my own experience, I've found I tend to be much more accurate and effective with a gun that has some real heft to it.

    Invariably, that turns out to be a gun in the 30-38oz range, more or less. Which translates into: steel-framed.

    The forged aerospace aluminum-framed guns can be many ounces lighter, for the same basic gun. In many cases, polymer-framed ones even lighter. But I'm almost always more accurate with a mid-sized, longer-barrelled, all-steel gun.

    Turns out my first gun was just that: all-steel, mid-sized format (full frame height, 15rd capacity) and a longer barrel/slide than most. (Think: 1911 Commander format.)

    I'm fairly accurate with the polymer Glock G19 9mm, which is slightly shorter than my first sidearm. But it's noticeably lighter, with less weight over the fore-end. I'm seriously accurate with a CZ 75b, P-01, 75 D PCR. Quite accurate, as well, with the all-steel Kahr K9 9mm, with an all-steel 1911 Officer's or Commander sized pistol. Most anything else, less so. And with those sidearm's where I've installed a heavy stainless full-length guide rod to replace the half-plastic ones, I've cut groups by more than half. I'm convinced it's due to the reduced heft, reduced weight over the fore-end.

    So. Being new to guns you might not know what your best-performing favorite format is, yet. I'd try a wide range of sidearms at a good rental range, where you can try out numerous different types: frames in aluminum, steel, polymer; sub-compact, compact, mid- and large-format; shorter barrels, longer barrels, lower or higher capacity. Can change the balance and shooting dynamics of a gun. You might find your favorite is something else than you originally considered.

  12. Chainfire

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    I have used the services of corporate "escorts" but they never carried a gun. Cuffs and a whip maybe, but no guns.
  13. Mercator

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    I think Wick is blowing hot air.
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    I was on a 300-500 round per week stretch for a while with my Beretta Px4. Before I stated carrying it I had about 2,000 rounds through it without cleaning.

    once I started carrying it, I clean it after each range session. As a range piece, it isn’t so important, and most modern designs can go quite a few rounds without cleaning (think thousands) with no real harm.


    when you are carrying a gun it gets exposed to more than just controlled range conditions. When relying on it as a tool for defense, you want it to have every advantage it can have in operating reliably. At the range, a click without a bang means one thing. When someone intends grave bodily harm or death, a click with no bang means something entirely different.
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