I rarely post product "reviews", but this is a nice little flashlight

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    I think this may be the first "review" that I've done in the manner of hinting that virtually everyone would probably like this flashlight.

    This light is made in China, but it's a quality light

    A few months ago, I bought an M-20X flashlight, made by OLIGHT, at the Kokomo gun show. I was impressed with the brightness of the light inside a lighted building, but I was more impressed with the light outside, at night.

    Basics first....

    Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F

    I paid $98 out-the-door, for the light w/accessories (in a nice latching case), and 10 CR123A batteries

    the light is 5.75 inches in overall length, made of black anodized aluminum

    the bulb housing is 1.312 inches in diameter, and incorporates a striking bezel (removable) for use like a kubotan.

    the "tube" can be held by a 1" weapon mount

    It's operated by a push-button on the rear of the tube, and a remote on/off switch is available

    the light has 4 modes... low, med, high, and strobe ... what I like about it, is that you can pre-set the "default mode" that you prefer the light to be in, when you turn it on. You can change that mode in about 5 seconds.

    it uses CR123A batteries, and run times are
    low 85 hours (10 lumens)
    med 5 hours (100 lumens)
    hi 90 minutes (500 lumens)

    The light is water/impact resistant to a depth/height of 2 meters

    The light comes with a black semi-rigid denier holster, that will adjust for any belt width, a lanyard, two spare o-rings, a spare rubber on-off boot, batteries, a light diffuser, and a black stainless steel belt clip.

    I was really impressed with the light. Indiana farm land is pretty flat, and this light is visible from well over a mile away, measured with GPS. From 150 yards away, I can clearly illuminate the whole west side of my 2 story house. We walk our dogs just before sunrise, and just after sunset, and the dogs are easily visible in the park/walking track that measures over 250 yards long, by 150 yards wide.

    If you light someone up with this light in the dark, they will be uncomfortable, quickly.

    Good light to consider if you don't already have a light... heh, or even if you do.


    Just my 2 cents......
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