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    Looking at different low-end shooters, and I kept coming back to the Remington 783 (probably because the best shooting rifle I have ever owned is my Remington 700, no-frills adl with an aftermarket trigger)

    I know what you're thinking - lots of quality issues discussed about the company, as well as their choice to continue to operate facilities in non-gun friendly states, being on the sale block, etc. But I want this company to make it, and operating the country's largest rifle plant in Kentucky is a great way to start, in my book

    So I spent some time learning as much as I can about this rifle. It is made in the same plant as Marlins in Mayfield, KY (not CT, NY or Taiwan). I like that.

    What I kept seeing as far as reviews go is: MOA shooter, exceptional performance at long distances (200 plus). The negatives I saw were: copied barrel nut system from Savage, Copied this or that from Ruger. And etc etc. And I said to myself "is that a bad thing that Remington is catching up to the modern rifle market?" Maybe it is a sign that they are pulling their heads out of their funk?

    Nowhere did the rifle receive a bad range report (that I saw), and mostly the criticisms were (again) for 'ripping off' other designs' (such as Tika T3) or that it is just plain ugly

    It is ugly. But the deer and the elk, they don't care. And I bet this baby will be a beast with the 270 Winchester

    I placed a bet on a long standing American firearms manufacturer. I may have paid $50 more than I needed to and could have got something else. But I bet $425 that Remington has learned their lessons (710 and 770 come to mind) and hope to have a shooter here. If I am wrong, well then I'm out $425 and it wouldn't be the first time I lost a bet

    Range report to follow as soon as possible

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    The only thing that matters is if you enjoy it. All other opinions are moot.

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    The only problem I have with Remington is the quality of the finishes they put on post FreedomGroup I've personally seen three different long guns from them in the last few years begin to rust and pit inside a safe within months of purchase ( an 870 a 770 and a 700) all while sittin next to rugers savages marlins and a DPMS..... Older Remington's however I think are much better quality
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    i handled one a few weeks ago that was at my LGS. it shoulders better than the M770, looks better by a sight than the M770, the trigger is not near as heavy and rough feeling and the bolt is bunches smoother than the M770.

    can't even remember what the price was, as i was busy talking and looking at several rifles that day, but IMO if the accuracy is there, i believe it will definately replace that turd the M770. one of the few things i didn't like was the squared off trigger gaurd and the fact it's cast into the stock and plastic, but that a minor cosmetic issue if it's shoot well.

    i'd like to shoot one and get a first hand impression of it shooting ability though.
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    the trigger guard is removable, not a part of the stock. It is held into place by the rear action screw and another smaller screw.

    I agree, plastic on a rifle? But when you think about it, just like the synthetic/plastic semi auto handguns, it proves to hold up well and absorb better than metal - especially the cheaper 'pot' metal they make trigger guards out of. It will take some getting used to but, then again, this is a hunting rifle not a show off gun....long as she shoots she can be ugly
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