I pay cash for factory and reloaded ammunition

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by happycamper, May 13, 2008.

  1. happycamper

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    I pay cash for all most any kind of factory loaded ammo and reloaded ammo
    please private message me
    my email is not working

    its my hobby buying ammo etc
  2. robocop10mm

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    Trolling? This kind of post from a first timer raises so many red flags I cannot begin. Are you a convicted Felon, Gang banger or Fed looking for illicit munitions sellers?

    IF you are legit, you might try Craig's list in your area. Shipping costs will be high for anyone transporting ammo to you.

  3. bkt

    bkt New Member

    Hmmmm. I never really thought about this before, but how much ammo can a private citizen legally sell? Is the amount based on local or state laws or is it a federal thing? Is there even any limit at all? Are there any legal concerns sending ammo over state lines?
  4. allmons

    allmons New Member

    Yes, limits in some States and municpalities...

    So far, the limits are strictly State and local government enacted and enforced. Be aware that freedom's enemies in the House and Senate are proposing multiple schemes that would limit the amount and types of ammo a citizen could own, as well as outright bans and prohibitive taxation.

    Said it before and I'll say it again - EVERY member of the house and Senate should be replaced at the ballot box NOW. Or we will be changing them with the bullet boxes someday, and it won't be pretty. So do the right thing, VOTE AGAINST EVERY SUMBEOTCH THAT DOESN'T SUPPORT YOUR GUNS. THERE IS NO OTHER ISSUE THAT MATTERS IF THEY TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY

    Sorry 'bout the shouting....

  5. hunter

    hunter Guest

    im a legal person

    I just like buying ammo
    to collect ,shoot at targets and hunting

    im legal some times on the internet people sell ammo for a cheep price

    as far as i knoe every thing is legal
    shiping ups or fed ex
  6. ScottG

    ScottG Active Member

    I usually don't comment on possible troll sightings, but if you are legit, why a new (second) name?

    If you are legit, it's a heck of a lot easier and probably cheaper to buy ammo from a lgs or gunshow than on the internet from people you don't know....
  7. BigO01

    BigO01 New Member

    Just a heads for you reloaders if you sell ammo never ever do it over the net and give some1 a statement that you are selling them reloaded ammo .

    If I read the laws correctly to do so would be saying that you are in the business of being an ammunition manufacture , that my friend requires a license "from the ATF I do believe" that if you don't have it you could find yourself in more trouble than you wanted to be in .

    And to the same subject I wouldn't even speak on the net of letting anyone shoot your reloaded ammo or giving it away if you do such things .

    I have no doubt the Feds troll sights like this to find potential victims for their latest and greatest Raids against law abiding gun owners so they can ruin their lives due to a technicality .
  8. c3shooter

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    1. Reload ammo for sale, you better have a license as a manufacturer. 2. Shoot other people's reloads? Only when I share DNA with that person. Shooting reloads from someone I don't know is no better an idea that using atoothbrush found on the sink in a public restroom. :mad: 3. Shipping ammo better be UPS GROUND, marked ORM-D, Cartridges, Small Arms. If you are looking for specimens of different cartridges for a collection, check auctionarms.com, under AMMO, FOR COLLECTING. The cost of shipping will make you weep. Be prepared to provide proof of age.
  9. 1hole

    1hole New Member

    "I pay cash for all most any kind of factory loaded ammo and reloaded ammo. -- I just like buying ammo to collect,shoot at targets and hunting "

    Retail stores have shelves full of factory stuff, that should make your collection hobby easy. Such sales are frequently done for cash so you may be able to work something out with your local stores; try one of them.