I ordered my new upper for one of my AR's, thoughts?

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    Just ordered my new upper assy. for one of my AR's

    BUSHMASTER FIREARMS INTER 20" Predator Upper Receiver Barrel Assembly

    Adapted from their very accurate and successful 24" Varminter, the Predator
    Upper Receiver/Barrel Assembly's 20" Fluted Extra Heavy Barrel is button
    rifled 1 x 8" twist to stabilize the heavier 69-77 grain bullets that a predator
    hunter/caller would choose for bigger varmints and predators. This superb
    barrel features fluting for increased cooling and weight reduction; an 11
    degree competition crown; 1" diameter heavy profile under the handguard;
    custom match hybrid chamber with a tighter SAAMI Spec headspace from the
    shoulder of the chamber to the bolt face, and longer chamber throat or
    "Leade". This chamber accommodates 5.56mm ammunition without developing
    higher pressures encountered when firing 5.56mm ammo in a .223 chamber with
    shorter "Leade" (both calibers can be used safely). This Upper is sold
    complete with Bolt, Bolt Carrier and Charging Handle to ensure positive
    lockup between bolt and barrel extension. The Predator Upper also features
    a Vented Tubular Aluminum Free-Floater Forend with Bipod Stud (free-floats
    the barrel from the barrel nut forward) and B.M.A.S. 1/2" Mini Risers to
    add scope height for correct sight picture and comfortable cheek weld.

    Mfg Item Num: PURVMB20FPRE
    Type :Upper Receiver Assembly
    Model :Varminter/Predator Upper Assembly
    Finish :Hard Anodized

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    That's a good looking upper you got there. What will the application be? Target shooting? Varmint hunting?

    Looking forward to a Range Report when it gets home and fitted to your lower.