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Its actually the 3rd time I've mentioned this gun in just as many posts, but I swear its coincidence!

I'd go for the Kel-Tec P11. Small, VERY EASY to conceal even with gym shorts, 10 rounds of 9mm, made in the USA, and all under 300 bucks.

The only drawback is its crappy trigger. It's like 7lbs and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Just get a snap cap and you'll get over it real quick. That, and spend some time at the range. Already posted the pic twice, but here it is again! :)

Hey, thats a nice looking weapon! Looks just like mine. I would also agree! I can conceal mine with swimming trunks and a t-shirt, can't see a thing. Mine has about a 10lb. pull. A little far, but with it being a single action, no safety. It works just fine. Defenitly visit the range.
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