I need to be convinced into buying!!! Help!

Discussion in 'M&P Forum' started by broke-again124, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. broke-again124

    broke-again124 New Member

    I'm a huge glock and Springfield xdm fan. The only smith semi I ever owned was a sigma so needless to say, we're currently separated. I will be buying a full size combat use 9mm from someone and need to know why to buy m&p. All opinions appreciated.
  2. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Well... Buy it. You won't be disappointed.

  3. mountainman13

    mountainman13 New Member

    Don't do it man...you're far better off buying your woman a designer purse. Lol
  4. kryptar19

    kryptar19 New Member

    Natural 18 degree grip angle, light weight durable design, accurate. Whats not to love?? I for one prefer them to Glocks and XD's.

    But thats just me.
  5. RecklessRegard

    RecklessRegard Member

    I had one and was "disappointed"... Now I have a Glock for work and remember why I really like my M&P. I sure do miss it. You should buy, that way I can live vicariously through you.
  6. Big19Ben

    Big19Ben New Member

    Do it for all of us that don't have one...yet!!
  7. cswann1

    cswann1 New Member

    Smith & Wesson really did their homework on designing this line. Glock had pretty much a strangle-hold on the polymer-frame striker-fired market due to excellent marketing and advertising for well over a decade.

    S&W set out to grab as big a share of that market as they could and took all the best features of the design and made improvements where they could. Some like the Glock trigger better, some like the M&P trigger. Some (like me) did a little work on the stock M&P trigger and have gotten great results with no special tools or training required. Some have dropped an aftermarket trigger into the M&P and report a big improvement.

    I personally look for ways to keep my money here in the US. Now, I certainly won't buy American unless I think I'm getting value for my money. I honestly think S&W is making a superior product for about the same money. The decision was a no-brainer for me.
  8. gni552

    gni552 New Member

    I have the pro series. A few bucks more but better trigger pull and night sites. Cheaper than adding these later. Great ergonomics and weight distribution. Very accurate. You'll like the feel better than Glock & XDM. Both I believe over rated but popular and good quality guns. M&P is right there with them.
  9. russ

    russ New Member

    I just added my second M&P to the growing arsenal. I looked into the Glock and XD before buying my first M&P, but neither fit my hand as well as the M&P. My first M&P is a 40c, and it's my CC gun and has proven itself to be utterly reliable. Eats any ammo I throw at it and just runs. Today's purchase is more for fun, it's a 9 Pro 5".

    Give the M&P a fair evaluation, I think it compares very favorably to the Glock and XD. And for me personally, it just feels better in my hand.

    The "Made in the USA" part didn't hurt either. [​IMG]
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  10. loctite44144

    loctite44144 New Member

    Just do it you'll be very happy with the m&p
  11. Olbuv

    Olbuv New Member

    I will agree. I have been contemplating one for myself. I can't decide on caliber. My duty weapon is a glock and it's beginning to grow on me, but during training with the M&P I was impressed right away. It has options of three grips to fit your hand. I would suggest trying all three grips to be sure of decision. The medium fit my hand but I just did not have the control I thought I should have. I went to the large grip and put an entire clip in the center of the 4 at twenty yards. Accuracy is great. We didn’t do any shooting at the fifty with the M&P. The slide action is smooth and not over powering to where you lose your sight picture. Maintenance is minimal like the glock. Disassembly is easy. I can't think of anything negative about the gun other than if your have a limp wrist it cant stove pipe the casing. Buy it, if you don't like it, it wont be gard to resale.
  12. kycol

    kycol New Member

    Not to be bashing because I know S&W makes some fine weapons. But you will never ever hear me trying to convince someone to own one. Nor will I ever own another one. That was a promise I made them after my sigma blew up in my hand, and their lack of any kind from their CS. Well they did very smart *** offer to throw it away for me.
  13. kryptar19

    kryptar19 New Member

    Im sorry for your experience. Ive got a Sigma and it runs like a tank. I love it.

    Now the difference Between the Sigma and the M&P is like comparing a Ford Ranger to an F250sd.
  14. Ralphcelia1

    Ralphcelia1 New Member

    Got to say i had the XD 40, didnt like the feel, and the trigger. After i sold it i wanted to try the Glock 9's and didn't like the feel of them. Tried the M&P's, loved the way it felt in my hand and bought a Pro 9 5" series. Took it out and shot it and completely fell in love w/ it. I have to say i experenced after shooting it i had felt a little grittyness in the trigger. This was after my shooting at the range and cleaning it. Well let me tell you something about S&W. Lifetime warranty. Called them and they sent me a return label for FED EX and sent the gun back and recieved it back with a beautiful trigger that i almost thought they put in a Apex trigger job. Of course they did'nt but these people had my gun back in a week or so.S&W stands by what they make and they dont himm and haw about returns. Since then i picked up a new SD 9 and love that one also. Buy the the M&P. Example, My son whos a cop and armor for 14 years always carried a Glock 27 off duty, tried a S&W Shield and swears by the Shield way over the Glock all day.Sold the Glock and carries the Shield.
  15. Gh0zt36

    Gh0zt36 Well-Known Member

    I've heard from a lot of people who have owned glocks M&P and XDm the most influential aspect of M&P was the grip ergonomics. And they are the most form fitting and comfortable to shoot. However I've never owned one. But that's the reoccouring factor I hear when considering an M&P
  16. ZeusEcho

    ZeusEcho Member Lifetime Supporter

    I agree with this ^^^.

    My M&P40 is the most comfortable pistol I've held. That said, I prefer the trigger on my XDm9.

    Both are keepers for me!
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  17. Bearsdad40cc

    Bearsdad40cc New Member

    Hey Gh0. I've got sm to md hands my new M&P 40 fits great in my hand. I've owned a Kahr cm9 and Ruger LCP & my Shield feels & fits the best. My2Cents