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    I recently saw a WW2 trench gun at the flea market.
    I was not sure if pump action shot guns were allowed in the state of Ohio so I did not purchase the gun. I came home and looked it up. Pump action shot guns are allowed in Ohio. So this week I want to go buy and purchase it.
    I am at this site once again because you all have shown me that this place is practically a gun encyclopedia.
    So here is what I know about it:

    It was priced at 130$.
    It was made by Winchester... I think.
    It has had a stock repair to the handle.
    It is old..... lol
    It was *supposedly* used in WW2.
    I believe it was an internal hammer.
    There was no rust.
    There was something like a safety by the trigger. I have never operated a pump action before (just a single shot) so I was unable to pump it. I asked for help and the man showed me how to pump the rifle.
    It appeared that the shells are ejected out of a hole to the right side.
    I did not look at how the gun was loaded.
    The action was smooth.
    Looked something like this: http://image.absoluteastronomy.com/images/encyclopediaimages/w/wi/winchester_model_1912.jpg

    Out of the little bit of info that I have provided, is this possibly a good gun, is 130$ fair and is this a WW2 trench gun?

    I am sorry that I could not provide more information.
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    Winchester Model 12. A correct "trenchgun" will have the US ordnance stamp (Flaming bomb). Model 12's are solid guns. Hard to go wrong at that price. Not likely legit though as a bona fide WWII M-12 trench gun will sell for many times that price.

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    Far too many "I thinks", "I thoughts" etc.

    Suggest you look at in detail next time as almost all the information you are unsure of is right there on the gun.

    This is what a real Winchester model 12 trench gun looks like and in decent shape is worth at least $1500.00.

    File:Trench Shotgun win12 800.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If it survived more than 5 minutes w/o being sold, I doubt it's any authentic trench gun.
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    First- go get this tattoed somewhere you can see it easily-

    "Buy the gun, not the story." :p

    Now, IF it is a Winchester, and it is in shooting order, it is almost certainly worth $130. Just for grins, if you offered a $100 bill and a $20 bill, you would probably own a shotgun. If it IS a Model 12, worth well over that. You can get a replacement stock for a Model 12 at Numrich (gunpartscorp.com)

    Not all military shotguns were Trench Guns. There are riot guns, guns used to guard prisoners, used to train aerial gunners (learning to lead clay pigeons), and guns that belonged to the recreation sections. A true military shotgun will usually be marked with the flaming bomb mark of US Ordnance, and US PROPERTY stamped on it.

    The doo-dad by the trigger may be the release for the slide- allows you to pump the action without pulling trigger. Used to load/unload chamber.