i need proof gun control works.

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by JonM, Dec 25, 2012.

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    I will be willing to "have an open discussion of guns" as soon as the president and every antigun politician and celebrity disarms their protective service people and disbands them to include the secret service. If gun control is a good idea mr president.... put your money where your mouth is and use public transit and drive yourself around without your army of armed goons. Live like the rest of us for the remainder of your presidency. Let your children run around without armed guards. Then come to me and we can talk about how it went and why i should give up my guns.

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    Hope your're not holding your breath :(
    Wonder how many armed guys are around the prez & family on the beach this Christmas???

  3. Squawk

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    I refuse to give up my guns. I am a law abiding citizen. I have told my parents that if the Feds try to come take my guns, they are probably gonna be burying there son. But I'm taking some with me.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots.
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    I'm of similar mindset.

    Go ahead. Ban semi auto assault and other guns. It's ok with me cause I know the laws on paper are going to protect me. I also expect the police to destroy all such weapons in their possession as well, after all, they won't need them anymore because the world will be a safe place thanks to the new laws! I'm sure the criminals will hand over all such weapons when the law hits the paper! No need for cops or le of any kind to have those weapons because the law will clearly stop criminals , the criminals will stop and think real hard, " hmmm, I would do this, but it's against the law, better not"

    Then we can all eat rainbow stew with a silver spoon underneath skies of blue, drinking that free bubble up!
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    the us military needs to give up their missiles grenades rocket launchers fighter jets nukes concertina wire bayonets machine guns and close all training programs for new recruits and soldiers and completely disband and destroy all other items of war before i give up any guns. when the government is completely disarmed and every cop on the street doesnt even have so much as a sharp stick then and only then will i feel moderatly comfy in talking about disarming myself.

    the purpose of owning guns is to keep we the people safe from the US government and its law enforcement agencies. i can honestly see obama confiscating guns then enacting a law that all people on conservative watch lists be arrested by the police and put in camps. that sort of thing is what the second ammendment is for. there were no guns in 1930's germany to stop hitler's law enforcement from rounding the jews up...

    while the honest law enforcers which 99% of the police are wont coopeerate with such a thing the government will have no problem finding plenty of OWS and union goon types to put the brown shirts and jack boots on to enforce their new mental hygene laws.

    everytime socialists get total political control of a nation they bring out the death squads. happens with alarming regularity. that is why we need 30 round magazines and ar15's
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    You'll never find proof, in fact all proof points to the opposite- that is actually counter productive.