I need information about moly coated bullets.

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    I have a box of moly coated bullets I would like to use in my .308. They are the Hornady 168-grain A-Max.

    I have checked into the use of moly coated bullets and have gotten conflicting reports. Some sources say it is okay to use both regular copper jacketed and moly coated bullets in the same gun. Some say you should stick with the moly coated bullets if you start using them because they coat the barrel. Some say it is okay to shoot the regular bullets after cleaning the moly coating out of the barrel. I have heard that Kroil removes the moly coating real well.

    Can some of you offer some thoughts on this and maybe share your experience with moly coated bullets?
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    I shoot them both,and have never had any problems with the moly coating.In some guns,it is a PIA to get the barrels clean,but I don't mind when they shoot good.

    I have noticed that when chronographing the moly bullet loads,they are quite a bit slower than the same plated bullets. I haven't figured that out yet???

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    Its the friction/heat that the coating gives off.....at least thats all me and my mentor can figure out

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    Moly reduces your pressure, thus less velocity.

    Moly works as a lubricant, making it easier to get the bullet down the barrel, reducing the amount of pressure built up as your powder expands while turning from a solid to gas.

    The only moly coated bullets I use are 55 gr CT ballistic tips. Never shot the non moly ballistic tips, couldn't compare. But the rifle shoots other non moly bullets amazing.

    Shot this group with hornady SST's after shooting moly ballistic tips all winter. I don't know why the picture posted twice.

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