I need info about Coast to Coast Model 284

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    I recently acquired a rifle with a stamp that says "Coast to Coast Stores Model 284 22 HS Short Long or LR", but I can't find any information about it anywhere. All the lists of Coast to Coast rifles I've been able to find online do not include this model number. Any information would be great. Thanks.
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    Hi patton- welcome to the forum- when you get a second, stop by the intro thread and say hello.

    I checked about 6 fairly reliable cross reference data bases- unfortunately, like yourself, no luck. Odds are your rifle is a Savage. If you have a Blue Book of Gun Values, or Standard Catalog of Firearms, you might spend some time browsing the Savage photos, and see if you have a close match.

    Regrettably, some of the Store Brands were in small numbers or for a short time, and they never go catalogued. I have a couple of Pioneer Stores 22s that are in that group. They are Savage rifles, but not shown in the databases. Sorry-

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