I need access to statistics about the safety of having guns.

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    Do any of you have any web pages or any info on studies, stats, info or anything on the saftey of having guns in your house or concealing a gun? My wife, mother-in-law etc. like to throw stats out there like "Do you know that 95% of people who are injured by guns are injured by their own gun by a member of their own family." Stuff like that. I need a place where I can look up stats that show how good guns can be in the home (When handled properly!). They are all about this statistics crap and if you don't have any to go come back with you can't get any where in a discussion. Any info would be appreciated. I am also snooping around on the web but was hoping someone might have found some good info already.
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    What you NEED is a reality club for the females in your life bro....

    Luckily for you, I happen to have a source of such information handy. The good folks at

    Buckeye Firearms have been compiling data from the FBI and from real world gun incidents for YEARS.

    Take a look at their great sight and see if you can find "Gun Fact 5.0" published by them. It's a great read and will give you more than enough "ammunition" to win any fight, with just about anyone, on the subject.


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    I believe this was from an article I got out of American Hunter Magazine. I use this data in my hunter safety classes to quell mother's fears. It goes something like this: The three most common forms of deadly accidents in the U.S. that make-up 72% of all accidents are: motor vehicle crashes, falls, and poisoning. In 2004, 101,537 U.S. residents died from accidents, 700 involved firearms. This is less than 1% of the total number of accidents.

    Moral of the story, don't drive, don't climb on anything higher than a shoelace, and don't drink anything. I got your back bother.
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    Dillinger if you are selling these Reality clubs I will take a whole case of them. hahahaha

    I hear you its just hard to convince someone who is so set in their ways and already has their mind made up on how they are going to think. Its not as bad as it may sound but these tidbits will come in useful when I start to hear about the dangers in the future.
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    Ah brother, most of the guys here had this talk with someone in their lives at one point or another.

    I was born, almost literally, with a gun in my hand - but I have known plenty of females along the way that just couldn't stand the thought of having a "gun in the house" - which is probably why none of the relationships worked out.

    Take a look at the crime stats from England. You might have to hit the BBC to get the full story. They banned firearms FOREVER ago and now their knife crime is through the roof. Recently they tried banning knives in 11 buroughs in and around London and knife crime WENT UP - because the criminals weren't following the "No Knives" laws, but the good citizens were, so the made easy targets.

    I got information that might interest you... Check out these "spree killings" and what the people used to commit the crimes with:

    1939 Japan: Mutsou Toi killed 30 people using an old military war rifle and a pair of swords.

    December 1989 Montreal, Quebec: Marc Lépine killed 14 people

    April, 1996 Australia: Martin Bryant killed 35 people in a spree killing

    April 2002 Erfurt, Germany: Robert Steinhäuser killed 16 people

    April 1982 Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea : Woo Bum-Kon killed 57 people. FIFTY SEVEN!

    Here's a couple of great ones for people that think you can't kill multiple people with anything less than a firearm:

    June 2001 Osaka Prefecture, Japan : Mamoru Takuma killed 8 people with a kitchen knife. A normal, ordinary kitchen knife.

    June 1964 Colonge, Germany: Walter Seifert killed 10 people with a flamethrower and medievel lance. A f**king lance?!?!?

    August 1982 Darwin, Australia : Douglas Crabbe killed 5 people on a rampage with a Mack Truck.

    These are very real crimes that took place outside of the Good old US of A - where guns are OBVIOUSLY the problem and innocent people got hurt or killed.

    Recently in Japan a guy rented a truck and mowed down something like 10 people, then got out and started stabbing folks with a kitchen knife. I think 7 of them died. You know what stopped the guy? A cop showed up, shoved a gun in his face and told him to get down on the ground. You know what he did? Got down on the ground and gave up. Last I heard he was awaiting trial....

    No, imagine if the first person he encountered upon leaving the cab of the truck had a handgun?

    Here's a great argument that a friend of mine uses on the Anti Crowd all the time and it never fails to stump them.

    You have Attacker A, he is from a bad childhood, a victim of drug abuse, he is a psycho, whatever, and he is hell bent on killing people, with a gun or any other weapon. He runs into a gymnasium filled with K-5th graders during Tony the Tiger day, or something. What happens??

    Now, you have the same same Attacker A, with the same motivation and the same evil intentions, and he runs, instead, into a police station filled with cops. What happens??

    What is the main difference in this equation....

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    Statistics schmatistics

    Of course, if you own a gun, it's easier to be involved in a gun accident. In making the business case for gun ownership with the women in your life, you need to show how you are much more responsible than those who end up as statistics. Proper gun storage, firearms training, gun safety knowledge, gun safety practices and procedures, etc. are all important.

    The problem with statistics is that everyone is lumped together. However, the victims of shootings tend to be in very different circumstances from most of populace. When you get into statistics on homicide, see if you can use them to differentiate yourself from those who are statistics.

    Bureau of Justice Statistics Homicide trends in the U.S.: Contents

    Most of the people who get killed with firearms are likely to be African-American males between the ages of 18-24 from poor single parent households.
    Gunshot Demographics

    Many murder victims are themselves involved in criminal activity.
    Criminals target each other, trend shows - USATODAY.com

    When you look at criminals and victims, also note that 30% of offenders have been drinking.
    Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Characteristics

    If you aren't a young, poor, minority, urban criminal with a propensity to drink and do drugs, you are much less likely to be a statistic.