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  1. tenntyrant

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    I do not have a shotgun but want one that will cover most everything in a shtf situation. I am looking at a mossberg 535 ATS combo at bass pro. Would this be a good choice for someone that will only have one shotgun.
  2. gmaster456

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    Get it. You won't regret it. You could also look at at an 835 or 500 so you have more barrel options. Either way though, you can't go wrong with a mossberg pump.
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  3. akers06

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    The 535 would be good because it will also accept 3 1/2" shells....good choice
  4. Old_Crow

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    I have a Mossberg 500 combo with the rifled slug barrel. With Winchester Xp3 sabots it is very accurate. It's not bad with the regular econo pack rifled slugs. I have a 2.5x fixed power scope that I mount on my mossberg for deer hunting. You will appreciate a scope with the slug barrel. The stock williams sights leave a lot to be desired. My 500 came drilled and tapped for a scope. Good sabots will extend the range of the slug barrel considerably.

    Walmart does stock the 500 combo. It depends on if you find the 3 1/2" shells a must. The BPS price is fair..You might save $50 at Walmart if you can settle for a 3" magazine.
  5. Kemosabe

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    I have to agree that the Mossberg Flex is the best way to go if you need/want more than one but don't have the finances for it. After doing extensive research I decided to order the 500 20 gauge for the range and HD. With the accessories available, one would be crazy not to give it some thought.
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    Here ya go...

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    In a word. Yes. You will have a well made and well rounded shotgun if you buy the 500, the 535, or most any Mossberg pump. My wife has a model 500 20 ga. combo, and it does everything she needs it to do. I used to have a Maverick 88 (Mossberg with a lower price tag) for 20 years with no problems that couldn't be fixes with a cleaning. I now run Remington 870s, but I still steal the 500 from the wife when I can.

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