I need a little help with my Bryco Jennings Nine 9mm.

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    i need a little help, i was given a Bryco jennings 9mm, yea i know there not the best guns in the world but i would still like to get it fixed just to have it, the thing is when i got it 2 of the little springs were out of it and the firing mech was out of place ive already figured out why it wouldnt fire but i dont feel comfortable firing it with it missing 2 springs one is the magazine release spring and the other is the extractor spring i think but i just dont know where they go can someone help please?
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    Best bet would be to find a gunsmith to look it over and replace the springs. But that might cost you more than the pistol is worth. I looked around for an exploded diagram but wasn't able to find one. I've seen a few of those pistols but never owned one so I've never had one apart.