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    Many of the SM's know this but I live between GA and SC. I work in GA and my home is in SC so I must travel a 145 mile stretch of Interstate 95 very often. While I understand why folks from the Northeast would want to escape the cold and come South for the winter, I can't understand for the life of me why they can't drive like regular folks.

    In this evening's trip, I passed at least 50 cars on the right - and each and every one of them had tags from the North. I was raised in the North so I know that they are taught how to drive just like us folks in the South - keep right except to pass. In any event, here are some tips for you:

    1. If there's a vehicle (probably a truck) 3 inches from your back bumper and flashing their lights - look down at the speedometer and if you're not at least going the speed limit - pull over into the right lane.

    2. If you have been passed on the right side by 243 cars in the past 10 minutes - look down at the speedometer and if you're not at least going the speed limit - pull over into the right lane. (Being flipped a bird is a good clue as well)

    3. Stay in the right lane UNLESS you want to pass a vehicle going slower than you are (which is doubtful). If so, pull into the left lane, press on the gas to quickly overtake said slow moving vehicle, then move back into the right lane.

    These are really pretty simple tips and they will make your driving experience (and ours) much more pleasant. If you can't follow these simple tips - STAY HOME.

    Thanks for your attention - venting complete...
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    Couldn't agree more. It irritates the living hell out of me when people can't drive properly. Staying in the right lane is one pet peeve of mine.

    The other is: Why can't anyone figure out a 4-way stop sign? Everyone seems to freeze up and forget the order in which to go. Then you get some moron that wants to "be polite" and wave you to go before him even though it's his turn and screws the process up.

    Either way, people that violate traffic laws and etiquette are terrible and should burn in hell.

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    We have the very same issues here with our own "natives." Keep out of the left lane unless you're passing or traveling fast than the rest of us!

    I love the drivers who put on that turn signal (in the right lane mind you) and NEVER move into the left lane.

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    I regret to inform you that we up here tend to forget that we've done this a thousand times before.

    At the first dusting, the stores are wiped of bread, milk, and toilet paper. And the more winters you've seen, the worse you are with that.

    Nobody seems concerned that they have none of the other food groups. I guess a milk and s**tpaper sandwich must be the greatest.

    I loathe seasoned winter folk who react like newbs.:mad:
  5. jimbobpissypants

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    Seems simple to most of us, doesn't it?

    DAMMIT New Member

    here when you get in slow moving traffic it will be a garbage truck holding up the left lane i always wonder if it is an emergency pickup
    honolulu is only 23 miles from ewa beach where i live that takes an hour during the morning and afternoon commute unless there is a fender bender for everyone to slow down and look at then it gets rediculous

    BILLYBOB44 New Member

    I understand--BUT--

    Your point is taken--BUT--On my common trips from Indiana to FLA. when I get to the FLA. state line-South bound-the majority of the left laners/lane cutters/idiot drivers have FLA plates..NOT plates from the North. Just my 2c worth........:p:eek:
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    Hate to say it but idiots come from everywhere,and that there are some up here that follow the the keep right unless passing law and pass all the idiots on right.

    This is one of my pet peeves as well and drives me bonkers,whats worse is when they speed up on you and block you into a slow moving car who is in the correct lane!
  9. Gojubrian

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    I hate when I'm in the left lane because I need to turn shortly. Then some jackbutt comes up on my bumber because he wants to go 65 instead of the posted 40, like they own the road. He thinks he's right because he wants to pass because he's going faster........woopty doo. How is his behavior even remotely safe? :mad:

    On the I, stay right and let the faster vehicles(emergency vehicles) go by problem is everyone wants to be faster than the next. People need stripes on some of their vehicles.

    People need to drive more courteously, period. Realize that alot of vehicles out there have kids in them. That's another thing! Ever see some idiot driving while their kids are romping all around inside the car? :mad:
  10. lonyaeger

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    My wife tells me I have potentially terminal road rage because I get pissed about this very same issue. Do they still teach in driving school that the left lane is meant primarily for passing slower drivers on the right? Doesn't seem like it.

    What really pisses me off is when you right-pass someone going slower than the limit in the left "passing" lane....and it turns out the driver was just talking on the phone.
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    My fishin' buddy coined the phrase "Left Laner, NO Brainer"!
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    I hate freaks that piss me off when I'm going the speed limit and some bastards pass by me going 70 on a 45 MPH road...luckily it was right after my IFA thing today and I was listening to Queen We are the Champions....so I was in a better mood.
  13. canebrake

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    We call them "Anti-Destinationers".
  14. dog2000tj

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    Well maybe if driving was a full contact activity a lot of this crap would be eliminated. I had a professor back in college who told us of his "Ultimate solution to eliminate stupid driving" - yes, that's right, eliminate stupid driving. His idea - install a 6" spike in the center of the steering wheel. He had sketches and diagrams to go along with the lecture. LOL ;)
  15. mrm14

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    Out here in Cali. it's the same thing, probably even worse. I drive alot of miles in a year and have do deal with more and more idots on the road. I travel the freeways between Sacramento and Los Angles for contract work fairly regularly. I cruse between 75 and 85 MPH just to keep up with traffic on I-5, even in the 2 ton trucks. If I'm in the right lane, as I would be with one of these 2 ton trucks, traveling 80 MPH there will always be some azzhole come along and ride my tail with no traffic in the left lane. Do you think they'll pass? NO. I watch in my rear view mirors when I run across these people and within 2 minuets being on my azz they hang me the rat. I usually back off the gas at this time and looking through the rear view mirrors watch the real show begin. I can see them inside their vehicle having a wall eyed slobbering fit. I figure if they want to hit me in one of these large trucks let them go for it. I probably wouldnt even feel it or have any damage to these trucks. They eventually will pass and usually flip me off with some hollering, unherd by me, of foul language with their window down as they stand on their horn. All the while when this goes on theres no one you could see behind or ahead for at least a 1/2 mile. AND THEY DONT PASS!

    On the other end alot of times when it's posted 75 or 65 MPH you'll find alot of times that several vehicles in the left passing lane are going 45 MPH and they refuse to move to the right lane when you are in the process of overtaking them. So you have to have to pass them on the right.

    I particularly like the ones (not) that pull in front of you and hit the brakes. Thank god for 4 wheel discs and air brakes when this happens. I even took the signs off my trucks along time ago and use magnetic signs only when on the job site believing these people are insurance scam artists. With one of these trucks however you would think they would want to be alive to collect their ill begot gains from their insurance fraud games.

    I could go on and on, but I'm done for now. I need to take one of my BP pills.

    I had myself a little rant here. Sorry. End
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  16. Glasshartt

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    One thing I can't stand if someone who is going below the speed limit for a while and then, when you try to pass them they speed up :mad:
  17. TXnorton

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    My wife who is a South Texas German girl (They can have a short fuse!) has a solution for dealing with all of the dumba$$ drivers on the road.

    She wants me to buy and mount a Dillon M134 on her Suburban, but she would really rather me buy her a full size Hummer to mount it on so she could simply drive over the smoking remains instead of her having to drive around them.

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  18. Mark F

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    And... you all wonder how Obama got elected??
  19. AcidFlashGordon

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    Gallagher (of Sledge-O-Matic fame) had an interesting idea to deal with idiot drivers. Give everyone a rubber suction dart shooting toy pistol. The rubber darts have a red flag on the end. When someone does something stupid, you shoot the back of their car with the dart. Then, when someone has 10 darts on the back of the car the cops pull them over for being an a**hole. :D

    But no one state really has the lock on idiot drivers. Unfortunately, they're everywhere. I always love the guy who is hauling ass along in the lane next to you, then pulls over in front of you just to slam on his brakes so he can take the offramp you're nearly past. Not to mention that there is NO ONE behind you and said idiot could have just as easily pulled in behind you rather than stomping on the gas to get in front of you just to have to slow down quickly to take the offramp. Living in Las Vegas, I see a lot of that kind of behavior and, usually, the license plate on the car is from the People's Republik of Kalifornia.

    When idiots do that to me, that makes me wish I still had my 1957 Cadillac sedan. That thing was a tank and with that steel bumper (with the 2 "tits" on it), I could make mincemeat out of the new, tin-foil cars of today. [​IMG]
  20. robocop10mm

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    People that hog the left lane have a special place in my heart. Issuing them citations does my heart good. I get to explain to them, face to face, how rude and ignorant they are. Then, give them a ticket to punctuate the lesson. A ticket that will cost them about $100.

    Most are dumbfounded that this behavior is actually against the law. Many are amazed they are actually getting a citation for their selfish behavior.