I made a holster using a mouse pad.

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    Just an FYI for those looking for a holster.

    I just got a Ruger SR40C and want a holster for it. I'm not sure yet if I want a pocket holster or an IWB holster. So I made a holster using a mouse pad. Got the idea from a fella on youtube who had done it. Still got lots to experiment with on this holster. Will probably make another using a much thinner mouse pad. This holster could be a pocket holster, or an IWB holster, or an OWB holster. You could sew 2 mouse pads together for a larger gun. The SR40C is about as large as I'd want to go for pocket carry. As the Ruger SR40C has a Glock like safety trigger, some don't even both with the 1911 style safety on the gun. I prefer to use it. Cargo pants should work better than my jeans for pocket carry. Now I have to practice with it a lot to see which carry method I prefer. I hope this give you some food for thought.

    Don <><

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    Very good.....makes a good temporary pocket holster.....and functional.....thanks for sharing

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    A Remora for the DIY guy. I had the idea myself a while back, but've never been ambitious enough to apply it. Still won't, but I love it! Hahahaha