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    If we woke up tomorrow morning and a foreign power had invaded our shores the US citizen has more options than the citizens of any other country on this planet.

    Just a friendly reminder of those that would try to do harm to the USA.

    You will have to fight these folks also. I see a fleet of off road vehicles equipped with communications gear and experienced "trigger pullers" to operate them.

    You goat shaggers might be able to get those folks in Boston to hide in their homes from a terrorist teenager. But south of the Mason Dixon line, we are still armed and supplied.

    Our still hunting brothers make up the largest standing private infantry unit in the world.

    Our bow hunters are some of the best at using concealment to hide and get close.

    The HOUNDSMEN are literally the Calvary. They know how to coordinate a hunt over large distances and are quite skilled at hitting moving targets.

    We might argue and fuss among ourselves but you outsiders best leave us alone. The US hunters as a whole make up the largest standing army on the planet. Many of us are veterans. .. UNITED WE STAND MY PEOPLE

    Think about it., written by Todd Edwards
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    I would like to ad that the west is not to far behind (EXCEPT CALIFORNSKI, AND THE WET SIDE OF WA and OR) and don't for Alaska is always on the alert HAVE BEEN SINCE THE INVASION OF '42

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    Amen !....................