I know you think that the UK in general, has screwed-up gun ownership issues, however.....

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    I can see bits and pieces of the new threats to US gun owners that are very similar to those laws we have here in Australia. To recap I did post on here probably in another thread that you blokes are about to cop a massive assault on your 2A rights and a few years back you had the misfortune to have 1 of our parasitic Greens members over there talking to some of your anti gun groups PLUS you also had an ex PM of ours turn up spewing his BS about how he bought in world class gun laws that had reduced gun related deaths which was a complete lie as gun crime statistics show that from earlier than 1996(Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania) gun related crime was already on a downward trend so he was just vote grabbing the lying little turd.

    So if any of you remember probably 12-18 months ago when I think it was Obama and or Hilary were spouting about Australia's world class gun laws and how they would also help America in reducing it's gun related crime if they were introduced here you'll see a lot of similarities in what's been proposed to what we have.
    They may not be able to destroy the 2A but they'll try and weaken it with bull**** laws and weaken your rights to own certain types of guns plus try and bring in a Firearms Registry like we have here in Australia.

    In that respect Canada and New Zealand had a Firearms Registry and finally abolished them as they proved nothing more than a money hole with no real ability to tie gun related crime to guns that were seized in committed crimes.
    We have a registry here in Australia and it's been hacked at least twice but the Police and the filth that is our politicians have denied it ever happened but not long after that there was a spike in gun thefts from legal gun owner's homes then the piece of filth Greens member that visited your shores a few years back then published towns and suburbs where there were a lot of gun owners.
    This is the sort of wankery that you blokes are going to cop and it's up to you to start hooking in and fighting for your rights and not just give lip service and leave it to somebody else
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    I'm not Blowing up anything my Friend. I know where you are coming from and I did not mean for this to become an argument or put down anyones opinion but I can tell you are well educated and firm in your beliefs but don't condemn me for my Opinion and Feelings! I thought this was a free form discussion and many people I know who are ex Viet Nam vets such as me have the exact same thoughts and Opinions. You have a right to feel as you do and I have a right to express my thoughts without putting down anyone else and their feelings. Thank You for your response and comments!

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    My apologies. Clearly I read something in that earlier post that wasn't intended or there. My comment as inappropriate.