i know we all been threw this 500 times

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    i know we all been threw this 500 times

    the hi point c-9mm .. i have been looking for one since i been reading 100% positve reviews.... about the gun. i even hear you can stick 9mm+p+ rounds... with no problems at all

    i owned glocks sigs sw taurus kimber Ar-15's and out of all theses guns

    i hear hi point handguns are like them.... fire's everytime....

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    The C9 will fire +P ammunition safely. It is a "workers" gun. It's not pretty in the least, but it will fire for you. I owned one, and I only experienced a few jams with it.

    They are becoming the new "Saturday Night Special" in this country. The Hi-Point firearms are popular with the law abiding and the criminal element (LEO are reporting a high rate of Hi-Point pistols confiscated from criminals because of the cheap cost and availability on the black market).

    If you want a gun that is cheap, and will work reliably with no frills, then Hi-Point is a decent way to go.

    I will make a statement that you can do better for the same amount of money, though (i.e. Makarov, Tokarev, CZ-82).

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    I don't care what reviews say, I WON'T own or trust MY life to an cast zinc (slide) pistol. Simple blowback operation regardless of caliber/pressure also.