I KNOW NOTHING. complete 9mm reloading how to.

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    I really know nothing about reloading/loading AMMO. I want to know how much $$$ it would cost to get everything ill need. Also how difficult is to learn.
    Last thing. After buying the equipment, how much do the ammo components- Shells, primers, powder, etc cost. It would have to be cheaper to make. A 1000 rounds 9mm luger cost about $175. For that kinda $, how many could I make?
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    Typically 9mm isn't worth reloading. You won't see much in savings. If you buy Lee products you can probably get all the equipment you need for under $500. Start with a reloading manual and read it cover to cover.

  3. c3shooter

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    Your FIRST purchase should be a copy of The ABCs of Reloading. Check Amazon, you can get a used copy fairly cheap.

    Shop around for USED equipment. Dies rarely wear out. Minimum, with careful shopping, around $100 or so. You CAN spend a LOT more. Check Ebay AND Amazon. But get and read the book first. A single stage press is cheaper than a turret press, which is cheaper than a progressive press- but the single stage takes longer.

    Costs will depend on cost of components. Brass can usually be scrounged. Bullets will be the most expensive items, followed by primers and powder. You can reload for about half of the retail price you mentioned. I cast my own bullets for .38 Wadcutter, and figure a loaded cartridge is about $.035 (that 3 and a half cents)

    Unless you are reloading for a REALLY pricey caliber (I have a rifle in .348 Winchester- SOB!) do not focus on monetary savings- they can be there, but when your time is taken into account, it is small. But rolling you own is satisfying, and you get some very good ammo.
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    Thank you both. I will stick with 1000 rd. boxes for now. However I will put that book as a priority to read! Later
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    In 45 years, I've never ever shot any factory ammo in any of my guns. And I've never ever put a jacketed bullet through any of my barrels. I reload and cast my own bullets. I have a shooting range on my property so I recycle the lead. My actual recurring cost to reload a box of 38 wadcutters is right around $2.00. I started with the little Lee Pistol loader (was around 10 bucks, now they're $38) where ya bang on things to make your rounds. It was slow, but it worked pretty well. Over the years, I've used various reloading presses. I now have a Dillon 550B. If ya wanna get proficient with any gun, ya gotta practice, ALOT ! Unless you're independently wealthy, that means reloading.

    The Lee Breech Lock Challenger kit will set ya back $172.00. It comes with a very good instruction manual. The dies will be another $40.00. That should take care of all the equipment you'd need for awhile. Assuming you're starting with your fired cases, then it's just powder, primers and bullets. I calculate that you could reload 9MM for just under $6 a box. So you'd save $2.75 per box. At that rate it would take 80 boxes to recovery your initial investment. To answer one of your questions, for $175 you could reload almost 1500 rounds. Hope all this gives ya some food for thought.

    Don <><
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  6. willfully armed

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    He who says 9mm is worth reloading.

    1000 precision delta 147gr fmj $94

    1000 wolf or Tula primers $20-$25

    1/2 lb Titegroup $10-$12

    And if you're buying brass, $20-30.

    Every dollar saved is worth it.
  7. Rick1967

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    I have been reloading 9mm for a few years now. You can definately save money. I do pour my own lead. That saves a lot more than buying bullets. ou can get into casting pretty cheap.
  8. Intheshop

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    Keep an eye out for used equip.I got a really nice old Pacific press at a flea mkt a year or so ago.It was 25$....and wouldn't take 5 times that,for it.Its a perfect match/compliment for our Pacific 366 shotshell loader.

    Used reloading equip is one VERY good reason to stop by all the old gunshops you see,in your travels.And you sort of have to look for it.......or ask if they have any older/used equip in back,collecting dust.