I just had a scare

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by winds-of-change, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. winds-of-change

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    I was running an errand on my way home from work. I walked out of a store and got in my car. A woman a few parking spaces away from me comes walking briskly towards my car holding up an index finger as if to say 'wait'. She gets to my car and I roll down my window a little less than halfway. She was dark skinned and had a very heavy accent. I thought maybe she was asking for directions. I listened hard trying to understand what she was saying. It seemed that she was asking me if I had seen her son and she was describing a black and red zipper sweatshirt. I said I haven't seen him. She asked where I was from. I name my town. She said she wants to know where I was from like Russia or what country. ( Interesting that my Father is 100% Russian) By now I'm confused and am beginning to think I'm dealing with someone not in touch with reality. She was ranting. Now comes the scare. She asks me if I were Muslim or Christian. My heart starts to pound, my mind began racing, I froze. She repeats the question. I roll up my window and drive away. But I stay in the parking lot and call 911. I keep thinking of the shooter who asked if the victims were Muslim or Christian before he shot them. I get dispatch and tell her my story. As I'm talking, Crazy Lady gets in he car and proceeds to head out. I pull up behind her to get the license plate number for the police. Crazy Lady thinks I want to continue talking to her. She pulls a U-turn and I drive to the front of the store where there were people. Crazy Lady circles around and starts to leave again just as 2 officers pulled in. One followed Crazy Lady and the other stops to talk to me. They said they were very familiar with her. She obviously needs help but they can't commit her until she broke dangerous to herself or others. I thanked the officer, wished him safety and we went our separate ways.

    I'm telling you, though, I was scared poopless!!! For a few moments I thought she was going to shoot me.
  2. Alpha1Victor

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    Never roll down your window to someone you don't know. Situational awareness is really big for me. I would have got as far from her as fast as I could have and remove myself from a potential situation. Glad you're OK. Lesson for next time.

  3. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I was aware. I only rolled my window down enough so I could hear her. She could not have reached me. I thought she needed help. As soon as I realized she was crazy, I drove off and called police and stayed a safe distance until they arrived.

    Believe me, I am very in tune with my own safety.
  4. manta

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    You did the right thing ringing the police and staying aware of the situation. It would not stop me rolling down the window and trying to be helpful and giving someone directions, things are bad when you can't do that.
  5. SB777

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    That's a scary encounter winds. Glad you didn't get into a more serious situation. I probably would have rolled down the window myself with one hand on my Sig.
  6. 25-5

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    Where was your pistol?
  7. partdeux

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    you owed her nothing. Be aware, get in the car and drive off.
  8. Dakota1

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    "Situational Awareness" isn't that far from "Paranoid." But a little paranoia may keep you safe.

    I always OC outside around my house but I've become more aware after a violent home invasion robbery next door.

    A few months ago, I went to get my mail & a guy gets out of his car (parked across the street (no space, taking up one lane on narrow street) & approaches me. I backed up a few steps, held up my hand & said, "That's close enough....what can I do for you?" He keeps coming. I twisted my body around so he could see the HKUSP & said, "I said that's close enough...what can I do for you?" When he sees the gun, he says "Whoa...dude." Then he tells me ran out of gas & can I drive him to the gas station!!! I said, "No."

    I watched him from my living room window. 30 minutes later, his "out of gas" car miraculously started (without any gas) & he drove away.
  9. Mercator

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    I think she did fine, and btw did not ask for postgame analysis. Winds - if you have time to follow up, consider sending a letter to the mayor's office and/or to the local paper. Put them on notice- if the woman harms someone, they have been warned and did nothing.
  10. JCS53

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    I think that is very good advice Merc......
  11. primer1

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    You did good winds, aside from ruining your undies. You didn't let your emotions take over, kept a clear head, and removed yourself from the potentially dangerous situation. To ice the cake, you got her license plate and called the law.

    Not getting the license of a suspicious car is a mistake I see people make too often. I preach this to people I know, hoping it I'll make the difference someday of whether a scumbag gets caught or not.

    Glad it turned out good for you.
  12. Mongo

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    When I saw the title of your post, I thought maybe Balota was gonna chicken out.
  13. partdeux

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    To what end? SCOTUS has ruled before that police have ZERO duty to protect. They have no responsibility, even if the woman goes on a killing rampage.
  14. MisterMcCool

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    Wow, I was waaaay off! :eek:
    ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1445217514.838435.jpg
  15. Pasquanel

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    It's probably a tumor :confused:
  16. winds-of-change

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    In the glove box of my car.

    They can't do anything, by law. She was ranting and that's not against the law. You can't can't forcibly commit someone. There is really nothing the police can do at this point but tell her to stop it.

    Then HE'D have a scare.

    ROFL. That can't happen.
  17. Artbrownsr

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    +1 Winds. Even as we try to be civil in our interactions, we have to be aware of our own danger. As your profession demands compassion your family demands discretion, and some of us on this forum declare you family. My dear at least think about an in car carry.
  18. rjd3282

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    That's going to be some sour milk. Poor baby.
  19. donthav1

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    sounds to me like you handled it the best way anybody could, as a result you went home safe & possibly kept her from hurting someone that day

    very true, but the crazies occasionally take a swing at a cop telling them to stop it, that's when law enforcement can do something. that's what happened to the dumb@ss meth-head b!tch that started our old apartment building on fire a couple years ago. a couple days after the fire she came back to get some of her stuff, started an argument with another tenant & punched the cop that was just trying to send her on her way. she promptly got her face planted into the pavement, handcuffed & whisked away.

    it may be harsh to say, but crazy people like the one you dealt with sometimes need stuff like that to happen to them to bring them back to earth.
  20. tinbucket

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    Been now many years, took my Mother to store after Dad had gone on, This kinda large lady starts some strange conversation with Mom and then threatening remarks .
    A store Employee or at least I think it was a store Employee ,came up, and told us she was not right. He followed her around the store.
    A few years ago i went with wife to store, a heavy younger man came around a corner and in front of a bunch of us proclaimed he was Batman and some real freaky acting. He continued this around a good part of the store. I don't guess he was any threat but he was either on a dare and a good actor or nuts.