I just got "delayed". Advice?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by kevlar, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. kevlar

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    I just went to pick up a rifle I ordered. Thee FFL holder called NCIS and they told him that I was delayed? This hasn't happened before. Should I be concerned?
  2. Dillinger

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    Hmmm. We have had that happen a couple of times in the shop - but I can't remember it happening on a "rifle" - Now, it has happened on an AR that we sold, but not on one of the hunting / target rifles.

    The couple of times I remember, it was no big deal and the approval came through in the next couple of days. I can't think of any time we were "delayed" and then told "no, can't have it".

    We have had a couple "No's" right off the bat, and the guys in question knew ahead of time that might happen, so it wasn't much of a surprise to them.

    They might just be busy with all the recent purchases due to the election coming up. They may have people out on vacation, it is summer after all.

    Or you could be tied to the Unabomber and they want to be there when you return to pick up the rifle, but I kind of doubt it. :rolleyes:

    If you are sure you are clean, then it's probably just a processing thing and the approval will roll in over the next couple of days.

    if you have any doubts, wander down to your local PD and ask them to run you for wants and warrants. I would have someone with you, just in case, but that would tell you right away if there is anything wrong. :D


  3. BigO01

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    I met a guy when buying a gun years ago that told me he was always delayed when buying a gun due to his name being so common and there were people with it that did indeed did have criminal records so it took the NICS people time to sort out which one he was .

    I Found out years ago that just within the county I live there are about 5 other people with my same first and last name despite it being rather unusual and infamous but the middle names were different .

    When they started the NICS deal I made sure that since I named my 1st born son Junior I always put Senior "SR" when I sign anything and was told that all complete info like that will help in avoiding delays .

    I have also been told that many who have recently been discharged from military service often get delayed .
  4. cpttango30

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    I alwas get held up.

    Why well it turns out that my ssn is one number different from a guy that deserted from the Navy. My number is 6XX-XX-XXXX his number is 5XX-XX-XXXX. The x's in both are exactly the same. So I figure that being so close is why I get help up a little each time.

    There is a way to go about finding out what is holding you up and taking care of it. Might want to visit the NICS web site.
  5. bkt

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    That's weird. The NICS checks I've had just qualify the firearm as a "long gun" with no other description. Shotgun, hunting rifle, BMG...doesn't matter.

    kevlar, go back and try again in a day or so. Maybe they were busy. Like others have said, your name could be the cause or maybe they were understaffed or there was a delay due to technical problems. If you have purchased other firearms and don't have any criminal record, you should be fine.

    It does suck hard and leave a bruise that we have to ask permission to exercise our 2A rights, doesn't it? :mad:
  6. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    We have to qualify the weapon when we call it in. It's question 4 or 5, I can't remember, but it goes like this:

    "Type of firearm being requested?"


    "Configuration of Rifle being requested?"

    "Hunting / Shotgun / etc. "

    Frequently for all our tactical stuff, we just say "custom rifle" or "hunting/other"

  7. ScottG

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    Kevlar, did you give your ssn when you attempted the purchase? As it's optional to give it, I wonder if some people who are delayed would get through if they provided their ssn. I don't care to be possibly delayed, so I always provide my ssn. I was getting a background check for a job and was informed I was possibly a drug dealing felon. Turns out someone with my first name but different middle name was caught dealing drugs. A quick trip to the muni court cleared it up, but I figure I'll give my ssn from now on when buying guns to avoid the guy's name from popping up on the database.
  8. Righteous

    Righteous New Member

    that be wierd
    when i call in a 4473 as does everybody the questions are the same, we give there name, date of birth, height, weight, state they born in,ssn, state of residency, country of citizenship then they ask type of firearm, only 3 choices handgun, long gun, or both,
    which 4473 do you have that ask those questions about the gun? and even that question is the last one on the form they check before they give ya a answer
    maybe your states be different hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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  9. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    ^ Don't know. We don't sell many pre-made weapons. We sell ones that are assembled / manufactured by us, usually out of state. *shrug*

    While I haven't made a call in a couple of months, I am sure I have had to answer the questions this year on call ins. :confused:

  10. Righteous

    Righteous New Member

    hell I call in so many in a day they know me by my voice and I know them by theres LOL
    One chick named Willow.....OMG she sounds so sexy
  11. JWIII

    JWIII New Member

    The 1st time I went to purchase a firearm, I too was "delayed."

    My problem was, I did not fill out my SSN; I over looked it. I geuss it's not mantadory to include your SSN? I wish the FLL would have pointed out that I forgot to fill in the info.

    Anyway, I geuss they had to check me out via my DL# and name. My name is very common "John Wagner III" and having a suffix did not hurry things along.
  12. jeepcreep927

    jeepcreep927 Active Member

    I have been delayed three times, but in between those delays have purchased guns without delays. No one seems to be able to tell me why. "They" always say the FFL holder will get a call back but it never comes so I expect to wait a couple days then pick it up.
    Interestingly, I went to buy a cell phone and was DENIED, for a frikkin' cell phone! The guy said my SSN didn't match my name and DOB? Funny, I had a secret clearance in the service and have had numerous background checks done and it was never an issue. I guess US Celluar has better security procedures than the government.
  13. c3shooter

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    JWIII, some time back was involved in construction at an Amrican Indian reservation out west. Govt inspector had impressive name, something like
    Cranston Julian Whippenpoof III. The locals decided his name was Julie Three Sticks. :eek: Try getting THAT thru the Insta-Check system!

    I really do feel sorry for co-worker- young man, 3rd generation American, common arabic first and last name, and is on EVERYBODY'S "no fly-no buy" lists- and HE is not the bad guy.
  14. wrench

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    any ID issues must be chased down immediately

    i am no expert or dealer, but if you got delayed,you should definitely check it out, todays data bases of info on people is staggering and something could be wrong that might be something simple like a traffic violation, credit history glitch, ID theft, etc.. The Patriot Act a necessary evil (post9-11), and a screw up somewhere might have been a source of trouble for you.
  15. genie

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    Do you truly believe this about the Patriot Act? Have you read any of it? Do you know that it's primary author, John Ashcroft, resigned after being besieged by thousands of local leaders who pointedly called attention to the great amount of unconstitutional content he included?

    One of the most Un-American laws ever passed, and you like it??
  16. Kelly J

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    The Delay How many days has it been?