I just got a new Saiga AK47 Carbine for deer hunting.

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by dgray64, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. dgray64

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    I'm excited. I have wanted an AK forever, and ran onto a real deal for this one. Its totally accuate, but with my old eyes, I doctored it up a little with a removable scope mount from CenterFireSystems and a 3x9x50 scope by Tasco.

    AKs are supposed to have a round equal to a 30-30 and I am about to find out. I bought some soft nose bullets for hunting and am waiting for the season to open here in Texas.

    Dave :):):)
  2. SSGN_Doc

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    Congrats. AKs should make a good brush gun. Just remember that it's kinda close to a .30-30 in diameter and muzzle velocity but bullet weight and quality of bullets are not necessarily in the same league unless you go ahead and buy some premium 7.62x39 ammo from a good bullet maker.

    Still they are light and handy and reliable. Accurate enough for the same kind of short brush ranges a .30-30 lever gun works well in.

    Did you get one if the side mounted scope mounts? There are several good ones out there. Just avoid some if the cheap mounts that replace the action top cover. You have to remove them for cleaning and they usually don't hold zero as well as the side mounts.

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    You forgot the best part.

  4. dgray64

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    Sorry, I took some pictures but the camera digital s are too large and I couldn't get photo bucket to cooperate this time to resize them. Maybe later. Thanks.