I just bought a Winchester 1894 chambered in 30-30

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by saviorslegacy, Oct 5, 2010.

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    That statement right there should sum up why I want to get in on reloading.
    I would just like to ask what is the best thing to read to learn about reloading?
    Also, anything I should know about reloading Winchester 30-30 in general?
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    Don't use pointed projectiles.

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    Get a loading manual. I tend to prefer the one put out by Lyman, as they don't sell powder, and are less likely to push their own product. All the major powder manufacturers put them out. Read carefully the first third or so of the manual. Lots of good (SAFETY) information there. Check with you local gun shop and see if there's a reloader close that might be williing to "look over your shoulder" while you're getting comfortable with things. Virtually every data sheet will recommend that you begin loading at the low end of the "safe range". Heed that recommendation, and you'll be less likely to blow yerself up. Also in that manual you'll find recommended powder/bullet combinations that you may try. If you can't find anyone closer, I'm in Indiana, about halfway between Indy, and Ft. Wayne. I'd be glad to host you for a day, and show you what I can. My local dealer carries new, and used loading equipment, as well as components, and manuals. I'm retired, so timing is not an issue.

    Regards, Jay

    edit..... this site is geared towards reloading, and would be an excellent resource for you....

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    Your 94 Winchester is a rear locking action, this allows the cases to stretch more than a front locking action. All rear locking actions should be closely monitered for excessive case stretch. I monitor how many times I reload a 30-30. I load it only 5 times this encludes the original factory loading. After that the case can break inside the chamber, leaving a partial case lodged in your chamber.
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    I don't reload, although I hope to at some point. I just wanted to congratulate you on your new rifle. :cool:
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    The Lee manual has a ton of good info for beginners and it's cheap too. They make reloading equipment and they are quite willing to show you how well it works ;) I have the Lyman as well, and it's also quite good.
    The ABC's of reloading also is apparently considered a "Must Have" reference as well. Though I will confess, I don't have it.