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    All my RL friends are either at work or in bed (night shifters!) so my friends here will have to put up with another rant from lil ol me.

    This time: Helzberg Diamonds.

    I bought my wife's engagement ring and wedding band there. Won't go into the pricing, how much I spent, etc etc, but let me preface this gripe by saying I have literally purchased every piece of jewelry for myself or my wife from Helzberg. Every single one. That adds up to quite a pretty penny after over 12 years of shopping there.

    So anyways - when I purchased my wifes engagement ring, I got the life time protection plan on it. Makes sense, right? A diamond is forever, but the workmanship of some doofus at Helzberg might not be.

    Then later, I purchase the wedding band. Once again - life time protection plan on that. Then of course they're joined into one RING, and I was told it would be protected since both "rings" have a LIFE TIME PROTECTION PLAN

    WELLLLL fast forward many years later and guess what?

    We take the ring in for inspection and to have it re-dipped (its white gold)...they call me back saying that the setting is coming lose and needs to be repaired. So I said SURE NO PROBLEM....I have a LIFE TIME PROTECTION PLAN AFTER ALL

    Well **** me running if they didn't call me back a week later telling me it would cost $300.00 to fix the ring.

    After me calling many different people, raising a ruckus, here's what I'm told by the store manager:

    I have a life time protection plan, but it only covers the bands. The setting and diamond are not covered

    I said - so you offer different plans for different parts of the ring? She says "no"

    So there's only one "Life time protection plan" but it...only covers bands? She says 'No' LTPPs cover the entire ring.

    But many years ago, when the OLD STORE MANAGER took care of me, apparently he screwed up and wrote the protection plan as covering the band only...basically the way he set things up made it look like I purchased the setting/diamond from another store, then brought it to Helzberg to have it all put together.

    I said "But I didn't, you can see it in your system, I have the receipt, I have all the information to prove that this isn't the case"

    Her response is "Yes, I can see that, and I can understand why you're yelling, but I can't do anything, its company policy"

    I'll leave my ranting there, as I could fill your screen w/ the next hour at the long conversation that followed.

    And of course, I argued with her long enough that their corporate offices were closed once I hung up.

    If they don't want to work with me, it'll be $150.00 off to an attorney to send a letter on behalf with my intentions...luckily, in Illinois, they occasionally get laws somewhat written decently, and have a pretty "consumer friendly" deceptive practices law on the books.

    (815 ILCS 510/) Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

    Maybe it won't come to that, but a letter from an attorney usually straightens people out long before you ever have to go to court.

    Dammit I hate incompetent people.
  2. MisterMcCool

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    You would have more success throwing a loud fit in the company of their customers. It is also easier to say no over the phone than it is when looking in your eyes.

  3. dango

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    You Sir obviously did not read our (Micro-filmic) atomic nuclear print..! :)
    Thus stated: thee life span of the Nigerian Moskva mosquito., or thee of , there fore three days..! :rolleyes:

    $300 for services rendered + advice , total = $44,027 ..! Thank you and stop again..! :confused: :D

    Thee human race......has been reduced from sheep to jelly fish for even a sheep has a back bone..! Eeeek..!

    Sorry for your loss..! :(
  4. PrimePorkchop

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    Funny that you mention that - in our lengthy discussion she actually did refer to the fine print - saying I waived my rights by signing the agreement.

    We'll see.
  5. sdiver35

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    Hmmm, I wouldn't back down and have had similar situations with two different jewelers.

    First was dip for white gold same as yours, and they said there was a loose stone and corrected it. Next time in for a cleaning loose stone again, but wanted to charge for it even with the protection plan - bite me! Paid account in full never shopped with them again.

    Second was earlier this year for my wife's Tag watch, sent in for replacement battery (stupid me thought the automatic was too expensive) which is normally $60. Go to pick it up $250.00 and it had all of the scratches on the steel band that it went in with. So for $250 they replaced the battery and movement (so they say), but it would be more $$ for the buff job!

    I'm done with ALL jewelers - period! My wife is in to shooting so instead of jewelry she gets firearms.
  6. fordracing

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    How much did the two lifetime warranties cost? Would they return that money to you? This happens a lot.

    If they are not going to honor their warranty, give the money back you paid for the coverage.
  7. TekGreg

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    I agree with not backing down. If store manager won't honor the warranty, go to corporate. If company won't have any honor, there is a whole bunch of ways you can get satisfaction.

    Better Business Bureau - if they are a member, you can ask for a referee to be assigned to the case. It's very much like binding arbitration.

    City licensing bureau - they most likely have a license to do business in your city. They will either mediate complaints or lead you to who does.

    State Attorney General - this is your state agency that handles consumer complaints. They make fraud very painful for businesses.

    Professional Agencies - check front door of the business - any group that they are a member of will be posted there. Complaints against them are usually filed, but can affect their membership.

    Local TV Stations - some tv stations have consumer protection teams that will embarrass businesses on camera.

    RipOffReport.com - file your complaint here and also use it to check on companies that you are considering using.

    Postal Service - did they mail you that warranty? They may have committed a federal crime if they don't live up to it.

    Politicians - senators and congressmen will sometimes get involved if no one else will.

    Can you tell that I have made some store managers lives a living hell before? There is only one way to get what you want: Be loud and be persistent. Sit down at your computer and type out the FACTS about your complaint ONE time. Then print it or paste it into every online complaint form you can find. Follow up your complaint form with a phone call. Follow that with an email. Each time you call or mail, ask what is being done, how soon it will be done, and why nothing has been done yet. If they say it is not something their department would handle, ask which department can help you. The squeaky wheel gets greased. Keep it up until they have to help you or go insane!

    While waiting for a response, you can always sit in front of the store on weekends with a sign protesting their fraudulent practices. Just silently sit their and answer any questions posed to you by security or passers by. You will affect their business, or at least their reputation. It just all depends how far you wish to go for satisfaction. I think 12 years and thousands of dollars of loyalty demands more from them than the stock store policy answer. They owe you the same loyalty you showed them.

    As an aside, I have used Roger's Jewellers in the past and they have never charged me for cleaning, polishing, refitting, and even replaced a lost diamond once for free. The only charge after the purchase was for a resizing that required extra gold to be added, and then they only charged for the gold at current spot price.
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  8. Bigcountry02

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    No matter what the repair is on electronic, car, etc. I ask for the parts that were replaced, if they say no and then I will say Thank You, I will take my business elsewhere.
  9. shadecorp

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    Damn Shame
    Good luck
    We should all boycott those Adam Henrys, Helzberg Diamonds.
  10. CCHelzberg

    CCHelzberg New Member

    We would love the opportunity to address the experience with you. Would you please reach out to our Customer Care Team at 1-800-435-9237 or email me personally at rlwindholz@helzberg.com I would be more than happy to help. ~Rashelle
  11. orangello

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    If this is for real, that is one heck of a customer service internet search spider, kudos!
  12. PrimePorkchop

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    I have serious doubts that it is real...but if it is real, then their search spider is a hell of a lot more efficient than than any other company Ive ever encountered!

    But at this point it is of no matter. After speaking with 5 different people on 5 different levels of "authority" from the store level all the way up to corporate - Helzberg Diamonds has finally agreed that this was their store managers fault, it never should have happened, and the ring repair will be covered under the protection plan.

    It only took several phone calls and hours of time...probably sprouted a few extra gray hairs. But hey, $300.00 goes a long way these days, especially when you're ___this close___ to getting ripped off by a billion dollar corporation.

    Kudos to "Paul" - the head guy of the customer service department - he was finally able to seal the deal.

    It only took 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 32 seconds of what seems like the millionth phone call

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    And thus one of the biggest issues in customer service these days. Common sense goes right out the window. Great customer service would have been, "I understand the confusion and issue in this particular case. I can't do anything due to company policy, but let me escalate this for you and see if there's anything we can do."

    But most companies don't want to do that - it costs them money in the short run. You as the customer need to ask for it to be escalated, then they may do something. In my book, a customer service agent that takes a pro-active approach to solving my problem, rather than following a computer script, regurgitating company policy, or makes my jump through unwritten hoops, is a company I'm going to do business with and recommend. That's money in their pocket in the long run.

    The follow up question now is, how the heck did they find your complaint on a firearms forum? Good luck! Hope she takes care of the issue for you.
  14. PrimePorkchop

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    Luckily the issue was rectified before I even read this post. I called them first thing this morning and, after spending 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 32 seconds on the phone - they finally admitted their screw up and agreed to fix it.
  15. hawkguy

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    let me tell my basic experience with protection plans.

    generally speaking: every time I BUY a protection plan, i never need to use it. every time i DON"T buy a protection plan, something breaks or screws up.

    protection plans are a terrorist invention (along with weed eaters) meant to shorten middle class american's life spans...

    wait...is this the conspiracy section? :D
  16. robocop10mm

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    Now that is amazing. Helzberg trolling OUR forum? It seems someone at corporate actually gives a damn about customer service.

    Kudos Helzberg.

    Now please video the spanking of the manager and post it here :)
  17. Vikingdad

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    "Let me explain MY policy. My policy is to never do business with a company that doesn't honor the contracts that their representatives sell to their customers. My policy is to expose these companies for the dishonest ripoff policies that they have and the fact that their useless, so-called "customer service" representatives such as yourself will not rectify the mistakes of their very own representatives. My policy is to spread this information as far and as wide as I possibly can through whatever means necessary, and by God I am good at enforcing my policy!

    "Now, are we clear on our policies and would you like to make any comments?"

    Moving right along, I wonder if you brought the rings to another one-shop jeweler who does their own work in-house if that jeweler would agree that the ring really needed any repair? Sounds to me like Helzberg is just ripping people off with substandard contracts and then trying to rip you off again by trying to sell you a fix that is not needed.

    My wife and I bought our rings from a jeweler who works out of his house, custom made to our specific designs. They are spectacular and absolutely unique. Several years ago I was stung by a bee on my ring finger and before I thought to slip my ring off, the finger swelled up and the ring would have caused me to lose the finger, so I cut the ring off with some side cutters. My wife saw the jeweler a few months later and mentioned what had happened. He repaired it free of charge and even re-engraved it on the inside. I am willing to bet that Helzberg would not cover that under their "lifetime protection plan" no matter how loudly you yelled at them!
  18. sbeezy

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    glad to hear I'm not the only one with terrible weed eater luck. They never freakin work!

    Anyway, this sounds like a bum deal. Like everyone else is saying, don't back down. Businesses need to realize they need us to keep them running and should therefore treat us well. I can say in my personal experience that basic courtesy and customer service go a long way. The lack of this has kept me from ever returning to guitar center ever again in my life. And I spent a lot of money there before our relationship went tits up.

    Good luck and I hope they make it right.
  19. CCHelzberg

    CCHelzberg New Member

    Hello there!

    I assure you my message was and is real. . I am happy to hear that Paul D. was able to assist you in getting this matter resolved. Agaian I am very sorry that this has been your experience. Helzberg Diamonds has been serving our valued customers since 1915 and we truly understand the sentimental value of the jewelry we sell and service. Our customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority, and we strive to make every effort to exceed all of our valued customers’ expectations. We are truly sorry that this was not the case in your recent experience. We appreciate your input, as customer feedback is one of our greatest means of identifying our opportunities. We certainly take your comments and experiences to heart, as they help us better serve you.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address this experience with you. We hope that you will allow us to continue to rebuild our relationship with you as our customer. We hope to serve you and your family again in the future.

    If you ever need assistance again in the furture, Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

    Thanks You,
    Rashelle Windholz
    Senior Customer Care Associate
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    I appreciate your interest in firearms. :)