I have the "Salad Shootet", what's your game of choice?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by COclaw, May 4, 2012.

  1. COclaw

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    When I go out to get my 12ga fix and bring along enough buddies we like to play Salad Shooter. 12ga buck shot + two man slingshot + head of lettuce = Salad Shooter. What other interesting and unique games do you guys play when you're not sighting in or practicing practical applications with your favorite firearm?

    Note to self; learn to type 'shooter' in thread titles.
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  2. mountainman13

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    That actually sounds like a lot of fun.
    My clubs main range is very restrictive (paper targets only).
    But we have interesting competitions on our bp range. My personal favorites to date would be..
    Eggs hung out at about 25 yards (basically a sniper test) they make a nice mess. And split the ball, we have a log butt set at about 25 yards with an axe head attached to it and a clay hung to each side of the axe. You shoot dead center on the blade and split your ball in half and break both clays. Very challenging. I've only successfully done it once. (not a lot of room for error with a .45 cal rb.)
    Tons of fun.

  3. Trez

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    I thought of one, but I cant seem to find any .30 shot capsules...
    I wanna go shoot skeet with my T99 Arisaka, I cant think of any other "legal" use for the A-A sights.... ;)

    I do like to hang something with bailing twine, and shoot the twine in half...
    I might start the ax thing, sounds fun!