I have the coolest wife! Ever!!!

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    With all due respects to everyone who thinks they have a kewl significant other, I have the kewlest! I stopped in to the local gun store on Friday, and there sitting in the case was the Sig 1911 Scorpion that I have been drooling over since they were relesed! I would have pruchased it right then and there, but because I am lazy I have not gotten a new drivers license. So I call the wife (who works in a doctors office all her feet all day) and ask her if she can meet me and buy buy it for me after she gets off work, and we can call it my anivesary present. Of course she needs a little convincing, but she does it! While they are taking care of the paperwork, I take a longer look through the rest of the display. Somehow, I missed seeing one of the "new" Baby Eagle's, compact model in 9mm sitting there staring at me! More of a joke than anything, I tell the wife all I need for now is a carry handgun and wouldn't you know it they have the one I want! She tells me no I have enough for now and we go home and start drooling over the thought of taking my gift to the range over the weekend.
    The next day I meet up with some geek buddies down in Jacksonville and I spend the day down there, occaisonally call and tease the wife about how nice it would be to come home and find a new "birdie" to play with. But she says no, and tells me to have fun with my buddies.
    So, day goes well, I get home, tease the wife some more, eat a quick dinner before we head to bed. I make it so far that, I have undressed and stretch across the bed, when my hand hits something under my pillow. Of course I am wondering, "what the hey," and I pull out a somewhat heavy plastic bag.
    "You weren't supposed to find that yet!" The wife yells as she tries to dive across the bed and grab the bag. Well of course I snatch it away and open it up, and see a new case with the initils "MRI" on it. Sitting in that case was the Baby Eagle I had teased her about for over almost 24 straight hours and she told me I didn't need anytime soon! So of course I throw my pants back on and handle my newest gift! So, not only did she get me what I wanted (both times), she let me stop what were we doing (use you imagination) get dressed, and handle my new toy before I came back and thanked her!!! For her, she has been wanting an I-phone for awhile... I am wondering if she could use 2!!!
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    pretty cool.congratulations on the new toys

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    Just let her know every chance you get how much she means to you. We as men seem inherently to miss oppurtunities to show love to the ones we love. Congrats on the wife, the guns get an honorable mention.
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    And NOT just the gun! :p
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    Yea we definitely want pictures. Your a very lucky man congratulations on the new additions

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    Kiddin of course :p
    My wife has done the same----GOTTA LUV'EM :D
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    You lucky SOB, 2 new guns in a 24hr period..i would have to tease and whine to my wife for 24 "months" before we could even afford 2 new toys like that. You better show that lady some love
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    Several years ago we were at Barrett looking at the 50cal. rifles when I told my wife that I would really love to have one. After I showed her the one I wanted, she asked what the price was. The reply was $8600.00. She then turned to me and no, let's go. So I tell her I really want it and her reply was, if you want it so bad, sell a kidney and buy it because that's the only way you'll ever own it.
    I still don't own one but I have both kidneys and well heck, I didn't need one anyway.
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    Great story. It made me smile.
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