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    Okay so I have some questions figured it would just be better off to create one thread and ask both of them on it.

    First off I am 20 and was wondering what are the laws on shipping ammo to you're house? I just wanted to buy some round nose Federal bulk ammo it's a 500 round box since I have looked all over for bulk round nose ammo and cannot find any round nose unless it's the 50 round boxes. And also 20 gauge buckshot and slugs my area does not have a good ammo selection. I'm also asking about the .22lr ammo since Walmart said I have be 21 for .22lr but I went to Dunham's and bought some without a problem.

    Second being where can I find a Mosin Nagant? I have looked all over my area and cannot find one anywhere. If it helps I live in Tuscarawas County.
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    Google gun stores. I did on Google maps, and red dots came up all around you. One of them is sure to have a mosin. If you want a mosin, and you are willing to drive three hours to northwest Ohio, I will show you a table full of them at the next Lima gun show.

    As far as the laws on shipping ammo, I'm not sure. Ask the shipper for info.

  3. Catfish

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    Hit some gun shows. I hit 2 today and there were Moslins by the pile at both of them.
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    Plus 1. At all the gun shows I've been to the last 3 years there have been racks and racks and racks of mosins!

    Or find a LGS that has a reasonable transfer fee and buy one online.

    For ammo check local laws . Everywhere is a little different but for rifle ammo it's 18. 21 for pistol. But depends some on location.
  5. Jpyle

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    I have ammo shipped to the house all the time...it is sitting next to the door when I come home from work. I believe there is a weight limit but beyond that it comes standard UPS Ground. You must be 21 to purchase handgun ammo, 18 for long gun ammo. Certain dual use ammo like the .22lr is up to the dealer...some will ask what you want it for while others will simply not sell to anyone under 21. For online purchase I believe you just certify that you are 21, sort of an honor system.

    Buds Guns currently has good condition Mosin Nagants for $119 and excellent condition for $129. I have one on order so I will let you know what "excellent" means when it arrives.

  6. Ruger22lr

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    I bought a Mosin Nagant off of gunbroker already it's in Texas currently awaiting shipping.
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