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    I'm looking for a .22 rifle it's made by Stevens I believe? it is able to be switched from single shot to semi-auto. It has a pin sight and has a tube magazine. It has a thumb screw in the back of the bolt carrier so you can remove the the bolt to bore sight it. My question is what model is it and where I might be able to find one? Any input would definitely be much appreciated.

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    Sounds like the Stevens 87a and/or 87b, introduced in 1938 and also sold as the Stevens Model 6 by Sears.

    Tube mag under the barrel, semi auto but you could work the bolt on the side to eject and chamber manually.

    *Disclaimer* above info found on a google search, I know diddly squat about this rifle :p

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    I have a Savage-Stevens 87B. It can be loaded fully and operated as a single shot or to be more precise more like a straight pull bolt action. It has a brass bead front sight and a long barrel so is fairly quiet. It can handle S,L or LR cartridges. It has a knurled knob at rear of bolt for ease of takedown but I don't think it would be easy to remove bolt to bore sight. Don't know why you would want to. You should be able to find one on gunbroker.
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    These rifles were manufactured in various versions and names by Savage, Stevens and Springfield over many years - the stocks, sights and other details changed, but the internals stayed the same. The earliest models could have the bolts removed out the back of the action without dismounting the barreled action from the stock, but later models needed to be dismounted.
    The bolt, in semiauto operation, remains back on recoil until you release the trigger, then runs forwards - a bit disconcerting to shooters not expecting it! And as you said, the bolt can be locked forward for 'single shot' use. This improves accuracy, as you don't have the bolt mass moving.
    I love my old Springfield Model 87A - a very tight shooter!

    Parts if needed are available from Numrich Arms, as they often bought all parts of discontinued guns.