I have a question for my AR buddies out there.

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    Ok guys im not a AR expert and i have recently purchased Ruger 5.56. My brother and i had went to the shooting this past weekend and fist mag went through no problem. 2nd mag third shot bullet didnt fire. So i ejected the shell and looked at the firing pin mark and looks like it barely hit. So rest of the mag went smooth. 3rd mag same thing 4th and 5th bullet same thing no fire. So my question is, do i need to send my gun back to the manufacturer or is there something that i can look into to fix myself? I have asked around to some locals and they have not heard of anybody having this problem. On the picture below it is not my bullet. This is to show you about what mine is doing. Mine is not as much as the middle one its just a little softer but can see hit

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  2. Triumphman

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    You might have more than one thing happening.

    One is a weak firing spring that with each shot it gets weaker, but still strong enough to fire off other rounds. Get different firing spring.

    Firing Pin is possibly bent and rubbing hole and slowing down enough to fire off most rounds, but not ones with a possible harder primer. Replace Firing Pin.

    Firing Pin not within spec and reaching out far enough to give good hit on primer. Replace Firing Pin.

    Put more oil in firing pin hole, as metal could be rubbing against each other or oil is burning off quickly and slowing down the firing process from one round to next. Use slightly more oil, change gun oil to synthetic oil to not burn away so quickly. I like running to almost the dripping point with Mobil1, but any good synthetic oil is still better than just a cheap old fashioned gun oil.

    The Bolt, which is within the Carrier isn't oiled well enough to allow the bolt to fully seat itself, which isn't letting the firing pin fully protrude to the primer. Clean the inside of the Barrel Extension around the cogs real good, to be sure no grit/metal is not letting the Bolt properly seat and rotate properly. Oil the Gas Rings/Bolt Cam well before insertion into Carrier chamber.

    The Gas to the BCG is too strong and the BCG is doing a bounce lockup on the Barrel Extension, so everything is getting Out of Timing. Get a H2 or H3 Buffer to see if this will help clear up the firing/timing primer strike issue. This especially happens when doing quick mag dumps, and not so much under slow controlled firings like target shooting.

    Send the rifle back to manufacturer, if under warranty, along with a note detailing problem and let them fix. It's possible they'll change out components, but you might not know what those are, so you don't get to learn how your rifle works, but that's OK, as you don't want to void any warranty with fixing yourself until the warranty is over.

    Sometimes, more than anything, the ammo can be at fault. What ammo you using before you do anything else?

    Start getting small replacement parts, so you can learn to fix. Firing Pins, Springs(kits), Field Repair Kits, Gas Rings, Trigger/Hammer Springs, Lower Parts Kit, extra BCG's, Buffers of different weights(not rifle buffer if you have a carbine model--the stock determines the difference, not the barrel length or type). Carbine = adjustable stock. Rifle = A1 or A2 type stock.


  3. JTJ

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    Did you clean and lube the rifle before taking it to the range? Check the firing pin and bolt to make sure they are clean, undamaged and properly lubed. Next would be the trigger group. Lots of good Utube how to videos.
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    As JTJ stated did you clean the rifle and properly lube it. Remember one thing a well lubricated AR-15 is a Happy AR-15. The Bolt should look WET! Also any round that has been chambered in any AR-15/M-16/M-4 will have a small dimple in the Primer. It is an inertia firing pin. You trying more than one magazine it sound like you were possibly running a dry rifle! Also be sure you are using good quality duty type ammunition when an issue. Not low dollar ammo. To be sure it is not a magazine issue mark the mag with a piece of chalk or marker when they malfunction. Magazines are the number one cause of malfunctions with the rifle system
    Also check the strength of the Ejector by pushing it in and out. Should be very strong.
    Also check the Extractor by removing it and feeling the sharpness of the extractor claw by running your finger or thumb lengthwise across the Claw. It should feel sharp to the touch. Also push it sideways when reinstalled. It to should be fairly strong and hard to push outward. Just some thoughts!

    Sniper 03
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    Sounds to me like you need to disassemble and carefully clean the bolt
    and firing pin(BCG). The old "tap the mag" trick helps seat cartridges
    in the mag evenly, once they are loaded. Just tap the base of the mag
    once lightly against
    any hard surface, when it's fully loaded.
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  6. locutus

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    Ruger is well known for short firing pins, in inertia type weapons.

    And they won't sell you a firing pin. They fit it at the factory.
  7. gwpercle

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    Factory Ammo or Reloads.
    Did you try to fire them again and did they fire on the second strike. Reloads , where the primer is not fully seated (sometimes this happens with cheap factory ammo ) on the first blow it seats the primer fully , the second strike will fire the round.
    Military ammo with crimped primers usually always fires.
    Problem could be ammo related, check everything berfore shipping it back for "repairs"
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  9. locutus

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    I must respectfully disagree. If it doesn't fire good reloads or cheap factory ammo. the gun is defective.

    Whether you're using Tula, or commercial reloads, it should go bang EVERY F**ING time you pull the trigger. No exceptions
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    I've had light primer strikes before.
    combining for example an aftermarket trigger with harder primered ammo will often lead to problems.

    There can be many reason why the strikes are light.
    The only "easy" one is ot see if the hammer spring has been installed in reverse.
    But otherwise barring diagnostic with some expenditure of ammo and range time the easiest solution is an upgraded firing pin which should solve the issue right away.
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    I’m with Bluez, sounds like the hammer spring is upside down resulting in light hammer strikes. If this is a factory assemble somebody did a boo boo if wrong. Also if you disassembled the rifle before your range trip did you reassemble correctly? Did the cotter pin that retains the firing pin get put back into its hole?
    Also there is no firing pin spring in an AR so don’t expect to find one.
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  12. bluez

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    PS:Overlubing the firing pin can also cause light strikes.

    The way to lube a firing pin is to put oil on your fingers and then run them up and down the FP lightly "wetting" the FP
    But thats it for easy causes, hammer spring installed wrong way around or overlubed FP.
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    that's how i learned to lube the firing pin. good advice.
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    Before sending it back or taking it somewhere open it up lube it up make sure your bolt carrier is all the way forward and check your firing hammer sometimes with new ARs the paint throws it off a bit happen to my AR just took a bit off with a wire brush and broke it in after several attempts it worked well... key tho this is lube
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    This is an AR15. Most of the parts (with very few exceptions) on the Ruger are Mil-Spec. This includes the firing pin. Any AR15 firing pin from a reputable dealer (check Brownell's out), will fit just fine.