I have a question about getting a F.F.L.

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    Im wanting to get my FFL and what I want to do is just open a online store and do gunbroker.com and other online bid sites. But what I have read is you have to have a physical store. So is that true do I have to have a store or can I just make me a website and use that as my store and gunbroker stuff like that plz somebody can you answer this for me.

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    You must have a physical location, and you must have stated hours of operation- and you must be in compliance with state and local law. But just what does that mean?

    first, it means that zoning laws must permit you to run a business at the address you chose. It CAN be your home IF zoning allows. You must have business hours. That can be Saturday from 1-3.

    And of course, you must intend to "engage in the business."
    An 01 Dealer's FFL will not be issued to support a hobby.

    And where ARE my manners! First post!

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