I have a few [stupid?] questions

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    Hey all,

    So here's a few, what are probably stupid, questions.

    I have a bunch of 9mm 125gr RN cast bullets, sized to .356. Can I reload these safely to be fired out of a .357 magnum revolver? Does anyone have any experience doing this? I understand all barrels vary slightly in diameter, and its best to slug them to know exactly what I'm dealing with. But I really don't know how to slug a barrel, and I probably don't have the proper equipment anyway. Everything I've read says this is an acceptable size, but I want to make sure.

    So, can these bullets be reloaded for .38 Special / .357 Magnum, safely? I'm not worried about match grade accuracy right now.

    Also, the only powder I have right now is Silhouette. According to Ramshot's reloading data from their website, the only recipe listed for Silhoutte in this bullet size (cast, as well) is for flat nosed in .38 Special. The bullets I have are round nosed. Should I use the same data? Or not use these bullets at all?

    Also, can I use the exact same data [recipe] that I would for .38 Special in .357 Magnum sized cases?

    Please excuse my ignorance. Thanks for your help.
  2. aandabooks

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    Yes, not personnally, you take a larger lead bullet and force it down your barrel with a wooden dowel the measurement when it comes out is the slugged diameter of your barrel, they can be but leading might become more of an issue especially at higher velocities, yes just adjust OAL accordingly, you can still use them, you risk incomplete detination with he larger case volume.

    These are the answers to your questions in the order that you asked them. Someone with more experience than me might be along shortly to either confirm my answers or correct me.

  3. ttsl

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    you are much safer using an "undersized" bullet for a given gun than an oversized one. the former reduces firing pressures, the latter increases them. the cast lead bullet will "obture" to fill the rifling grooves. ".001" undersize might cause a bit of bore fouling and hurt accuracy, but it's not unsafe. you might have to crimp the case a bit more, to keep the bullets from "walking" forward out of the cases, if your loads have significant recoil.
  4. Vikingdad

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    How many of these do you have? If its not too many I would just set them aside. If it is a large number then I would try and trade for some .357 bullets. Or you could set them aside for when you get some bullet casting equipment. I recast tons of bullets into calibers that I can use.

    I would not use undersized bullets.
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    I have used many 9mm lead bullets in 38 special cases and they worked fine. At the time I wanted to try some lighter bullets in a 38 and all I found(I was at a gun show when the whim hit me) was 9mm 115 grain lead bullets. They worked very well.
  6. Trez

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    My Medusa has a .357 bore but shoots both .355 ans .357 sized bullets.
  7. locutus

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    I've used many .356 sized 121 grain bullets in .38 specials. Never has a problem.
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    Stupid questions are the questions you don't ask but should have! :)