I hate deceptive, dishonest sellers!!

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    There is a seller on Gunbroker.com (Triggerfinger95008) that is advertising a Smith & Wesson M&P 15, with 500 rounds of ammo for auction. all photos of the gun (about 4 of them are from the left side only, not showing the breach side) I thought it was strange and emailed him asking if this is the sport model that does not have a charger or breach dust cover. He also states it is CA legal, which means it will not have a touch mag release button. THE CA legal takes a lot more effort to release the mag. like taking a round and using the bullet end to push end to release the mag. 98 out of a 100 will not know all this. His answer to me was, YES it has neither.

    Someone is going to be fooled into thinking they are buying a regular SW MP 15 which does have all the features. The regular MP 15 sells for a much higher price than the sport model. He is baiting people! I hate deceptive and dishonest sellers like this!!

    All he had to do to be straight and fair, was to present it as a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport, like they do on the SW sight. Plus he should have had at least one photo of the right side.:mad:

    I hope his butt grows shut and he dies a painful death!!