I guess it is on to find a USED Bersa Thunder at a good price

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    I have called every gun shop locally and checked every website. Everyone wants near new price for them used and many locally are tacking on some extra on the new prices as well. One shop wanted 375 for the basic black one.

    I was just curious if gun shows are really a place to find a deal or if everything sells for market value? We have one common this weekend but I have been to several and never even bought a hot dog... Ie, do you guys end up buying at shows? Are there better resources for guns from private owners? I really wish CL would open a separate site for guns. Free everything. That would really be nice.
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    Wow, I bought a new Bersa with the rubber molded Hogue style grips for $270 at Academy back in December. I don't know if you are able to shop on a military base but my Father in Law got a new Bersa for $265 out the door at the Air Base here...tax free shopping is nice.

    As far as gun shows go. Every one I've been to lately is a total waste of time. Have you looked in gunbroker.com? Found several on there for less than $300 brand new.

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    gun shows are typically a huge waste of time unless you want to see some harder to find samples in real life before buying. i like to go just to watch the tin foil hat cowd i find idiocy amusing. sometimes i buy things if someone has a super deal on a hard to find item.

    ive bought several rifles and sold some unwanted guns there. rifles i buy at shows are usually ones i buy well under market i got my ruger 44 carbine at one for 200$ guy claimed it was broken asking 250 i offered 200 he took it. took it home cleaned it and worked perfectly.

    i dont think he ever cleaned the poor thing.

    got my cz550 in 458 lott at a show for 325$ from guy that didnt like the recoil.

    just depends on luck. plus you REALLLLLLY need to know what your looking at. its easy to get ripped off at one.
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    Here in mid-Tenn., a lgs sells the Thunder .380 for $275.