I got 'learned' in school this term...

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    I wonder how many "fish years" it takes to make a human year. Still, he looks happy.

    Great post, Slo, some funny $hit there.

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    I put that tongue one to the test. I never knew it was that strong. lol
    Just another reason why dolphins are cool.
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    Couple of deflators:
    A male mantis head is removed after copulation has started. He is distracted and she is hungary, (at least that is what my research has led to).
    Several primates have sex for pleasure. Bored male chimps have been documented "having fun", and different babboons have been video pleasuring themselves.
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    Huskies are more genetically similar to chihuahuas than wolves.

    Sickle cell anemia is a frequency-dependent autosomal recessive disorder that developed as a marginal population wide protection against the deadliest forms of Malaria.

    Homeopathic "medicines" often claim a concentration of 30c. This "C" is a testimony to the number of times the concoction has been diluted one part against 100. Chemically, at 12c, you no longer have any chance of the original substance still being present. At 30c, they are claiming that their ratio of substance is 1 molecule active ingredient against the estimated number of molecules in the known universe. The cold remedy "Oscillococcinum" is often labeled 200c.:rolleyes:

    You are equally as likely to be killed by a dolphin as by a shark.

    You are MORE likely to be killed by a falling coconut than by a shark.

    Dogs are the only non-human animals that have ever demonstrated the capability to understand pointing. Not even Chimps can do this.

    Physicist Niels Bohr, Nobel prize winner and pioneer of WSM (wave structure of matter), made many of his discoveries at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, a research laboratory funded by Carlsberg Brewery. Yet another grand contribution to mankind from beer.:D

    1 in 10 births are paternally mis-assigned. Yup, 10% of the population was fathered by milkmen/postmen etc.

    Dogs seek and analyze information on the emotional and psychological state of humans by concentrating on the left side of human beings' faces. Not only are they the only non-human animals that actively seek information about the emotional or psychological state of others, they do it the same way humans do it to each other, and they only do it to humans, never other dogs.

    I love useless information.