I give you Douche bag of the day.

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    Here is the Douche bag of the day for March 23, 2010. Not sure who is more of a douche bag on this one, so I say it is a twofer on this.
    Road Rage Escalates to Gunfire on I-95 | ABC 7 News

    DUMFRIES, Va. - Virginia State Police say gunfire was exchanged after a road rage incident on southbound Interstate 95 Tuesday during rush hour.

    State police say the driver of a Jaguar was in a road rage incident with a dump truck operator near Route 234 in Dumfries. They say the dump truck driver was attempting to merge into the southbound lanes of Interstate 95 from Route 123 when the truck encountered a Jaguar traveling southbound on I-95. The drivers of both vehicles then became aggressive and while heading south on I-95 the dump truck hit the Jaguar two times.

    The two vehicles ended up on the left shoulder and pinned against the Jersey wall near the 159 mile marker. Police say the driver of the Jaguar, who had his two-year-old daughter in the car, got out of his car and started firing a handgun at the dump truck. They say the dump truck pulled away into traffic and was struck by at least four of the 13 rounds fired by the Jaguar's driver.

    The Jaguar then followed the dump truck heading south in the right shoulder until a trooper stopped them.

    The driver of the Jaguar, a 25-year-old Woodbridge man, was arrested and charges are pending.

    The driver of the dump truck, a 44-year-old Woodbridge man, was charged with reckless driving.

    No one was hurt.

    The incident remains under investigation.
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    You can't fix stupid.

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    I always laugh when I drive through Dum Fries