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    We have a new gun store in a nearby town, and I love it! We needed a new store as the huge "gun" store just down the street from there went out of business earlier in the year. The huge one had a million dollar collection of animals (real animals, stuffed - from all over the world) that was amazing! But so were their prices - as in REALLY HIGH!

    They even sold really expensive boots, clothing and had a huge fishing supplies section (think wannabe Cabela's, et al). Anyway, the clerks, most of them young, would argue with customers about their choices! Then, if you could convince the pimply faced kid that you really did want that "plastic gun" instead of an overpriced slab sided handgun that I call the "Jamalot", he would walk you all the way back to the front of the store where an 18 or 19 year old girl (most still wearing sweaters from their cheer leading days) would take your completed form and then casually call for approval, practically shouting your name, address, Social Security number and Carry permit number. Behind you, there are 7 or 8 other guys waiting to get their guns, and about a dozen people sighing heavily, waiting to check out with their new cowboy boots or fishing rods. Yep, only one checkout.

    The owners could not understand how they were losing money....

    Now cut to 2008, and we get a new gun store! Check it out - they have online stuff as well. Plus, no boots! No fishing gear! Limited numbers of REALLY expensive shotguns, but LOTSA good firearms that will make Joe Biden have heart palpitations!!! Here is the link:


    And - it is just as comfortable and homey as it looks. Walls with AKs, Black Rifles, KelTec carbines and great guns! Glass show cabinets with handguns - from the cheap mouseguns, to military surplus pistols. And they are a stocking GLOCK dealer!! With a gunsmith on site! Yes, it is heaven. Well, I prefer Diet Pepsi to cofee, but everything else is great, so I won't quibble! Oh, and I have no interest in the shop, other than loving the return of a good old fashioned style gun store.