I Found a Good Holster for My S&W M&P Mod 2.0 5 inch barrel

Discussion in 'M&P Forum' started by oljames3, May 12, 2017.

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    7TS™ ALS® Open Top Concealment Paddle Holster,
    Model 1169287 | SKU 1169287 | Part 7378-819-411
    Custom made for you within 14 days. Special products may take longer.
    Black | SafariSeven | Plain | Right

    You can use the holster finder. Pick the M&P 9L W/OUT THUMB SAFETY. I got the 7378. It comes with both the belt slide and paddle attachments. Fits my Mod 2.0 with thumb safety with only 1/16" vertical motion in the holster.

    I also got the Quick Locking System Kit MODEL: QUICK-KIT 2. I can remove the pistol, in the holster, from my belt and reattach without loosening the belt.

    If I need to draw with the holster unattached, I can do so with one hand. The natural thumb release of the ALS pushes the holster off of the pistol.

    Near perfect for my needs.