I feel the need to brag

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    I feel the need to brag. After my wife's response of, "That's Nice" (and she continued to watch her movie on the Lifetime channel), my dog was even less impressed I am going to bother my associates in the forum. My appologies in advance.

    Last Year I got an 1884 Springfield in a trade. I had had a Sharps clone at one time, so I still had my brass, and my dies. I made up some 500gr reloads, and trooped out to the range. It was one of the most dismal outings that I have ever had. At 100yds, at a 3X5 foot target, I got way less than half of my bullets on the paper.

    A guy at the range tried to make me feel better by saying, "You know the rifle is over 100 years old" I, myself thought that the rifle barrel was indeed old because of the way it looked, but I decided that there was a lot of lead present in the bore.

    It took me over three months of scrubbing out the bore, for at least an hour every night, going through 10 brushes, trying every solution which listed the removal of lead as one of it's virtues(none of them made very much difference), using bronze wool wrapped tightly around a brush, and Brasso, and Neverdull.

    Finally I was able to clearly see rifling, and the absense of lead with my bore endoscope The bore had some pitting, but seemed to have been protected for years by the lead lining. I really did not want to go through the same thing of brushing the bore out to that degree again, so I did some experimenting with different hardnesses of lead alloys and bullet lubes, and to keep this short, ended up with pure lead bullet wrapped in SPG.

    In explaining the pictures,This target was at 100 yards. The three widest shots were 500gr un-sized lead bullets with 70 grains of black. After firing these three, I switched the carbine loading of a 405 gr soft lead, .457 sized bullet, with 65grs of black, and shot the group off of a rolled up possibles bag. I held at a 6:00 POA on the target.

    I have never felt so good since the birth of my boys, their first steps and their moving out of my house, as I did with this group, and I had the need to brag, and nobody to do it to. The 405gr bullet was from my Lyman mold, like I said, sized to .457. The larger 500gr bullet is from my Lee mold. It apparently needs to be sized in spite of what Lee says. With the SPG, the bore was much easier to clean. To go along with the theory of "seasoning" the bore, I only use soap and water to clean, and use Triple Seven to protect the bore, no petroleum products. Wish I had a range near-by to see what this rifle will do beyond 100yds, but then my eyes would be a factor.

    I haven't been re-sizing my cases so as to keep from working the brass, and there by extending the life of the cases. They don't seem to lengthen any. I tube drop my charges, and then keep the bullet in place with a case neck crimper.

    For those of you who have read this thread, thank you for indulging an old man. Any suggestions or techniques that any of you have discovered are welcomed

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    Nice! Glad ya got it shooting better groups!


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    After all of that cleaning, you deserve a group like that! Good job building a round that does that well in an archaic rifle. Enjoy the gun and the shooting, even when the wife won't pay attention. :)
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    The hard work paid off with not only a feeling of accomplishment but also great results...+1 to you!!! You have a right to brag!!! :cool:

    Now, what's up with the finski? You could have at least tacked up a $20 for us...damn son!! :p:D
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    Janitor's Ammonia. Powerful Stuff. For sale by the

    quart, for @6$ at your local hardware store.

    Maybe next week you can show us an even

    tighter group.