I fear more of these attacks

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by spittinfire, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. spittinfire

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    Elderly Woman Murdered At Surfside Houses

    Woman, 99, Targeted In Robbery - Baltimore News Story - WBAL Baltimore

    Yeah, you're billy bad *** now aren't you? Attacking an 87 and 99 year old woman. Why don't you try attacking my house and see how bad you are with 15 pellets of 00 buck or a couple 45 slugs in your chest.

    Seriously gents, I'm afraid we're going to see a lot more attacks similar to these. As the economy goes south people will get more and more desperate. Take care of your elders, arm them if possible, arm your spouse and chlidren if old enough. I fear great civil unrest is coming our way, be prepared to care for you and yours.

    Keep some food and water handy too, guns and ammo are great but a little tough to chew, even with lots of gravy.
  2. CA357

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    They are scum.

  3. NGIB

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    Before I moved out of Atlanta some months ago, I'd see reports of home invasions on the news nightly. These folks were not waiting until the wee hours of the morning either as some were in broad daylight when it's obvious that folks were home.

    Like the OP, I think things are just going to get worse and more and more violent crime is headed our way. A month or so ago there was a thread running on TheHighRoad that asked what you'd do if someone kicked in your door and began to rob your house. I was amazed at the number of folks that opted for hiding until they took what they wanted and left. My response:

    BANG!, repeat as necessary...
  4. dunerunner

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    The Elderly have always been easy targets for criminal attacks. This is why I wonder about anti-gunners philosophies and whether they change as they grow older?
  5. Shotgun Shooter

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    Man, I wish I could be as tough as them. Killing elders is what everyone is doing nowadays.

    Spittin, you use 3" 00bk?
    I try not to leave my house if I know my moms boyfriend will be working over night.

    My grandparents live in a secured apartment building and the other ones live way North by Canada. That grandpa is a hunter, so he has a gun for HD. Most of my family hunts or owns a gun. :)

  6. ktmboyz

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    Thats too bad, an 87yr old woman has made it through all life has dealt her and is killed by two dirtbags having a gunfight outside her house. :(
  7. Bigcat_hunter

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    Just bought my dad 300 rounds of .38. He has had a psycho neighbor threaten his life because he does not like his RV parked on the road for a couple days before our hunting trips. He has called the police three times because of threats and vandalism from this nut job and the police say they can do nothing unless he breaks the law. During the last encounter he had with this guy he called my dad an old weak man and he was going to hurt him. My dad said he might be an old man but a VERY WELL ARMED old man. He has had no problems or encounters with him since(except an ammo shortage).

    This guy has scared and threatened every neighbor on the block including kids and the police wont do anything. My dad told the police that if he feels his life is in danger he will shoot this guy and they told him "If you shoot him on your lawn, drag him into your house so we don't have to charge you with murder". Thats comforting..... At least I have the comfort of knowing my family is well armed. I also make sure to park my truck when I visit with the tailgate facing the psycho's house reading "RIMROCK FIREARMS" as a reminder not to f#*k with us.
  8. UnderFire

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    What state do you live in?
    In my state you can drop a life threatening assailant any where you're allowed to have your weapon, especially on your own property.
    Glad to hear you're taking measures to protect your dad & other family members.
  9. Bigcat_hunter

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    We are in Oregon.