I dislike the Trigger on the Glock what other pistols should I avoid.

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by SirIsaacNewton, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. SirIsaacNewton

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    I love the reliability of the glock I have owned 3 but I can't stand the trigger. The feel of the trigger offends me personally. I currently use a kimber tactical carry II as my Concealed Carry Weapon. I use a Kimber Custom II as my bedside gun. I am thinking about investing in another gun and I want to go modern. I am looking for guns that have triggers more like 1911's and avoiding guns with triggers similar to Glocks. I am trying to streamline my search because I don't have a lot of friends who are into guns so I have to go to the local gun store and rent them and it gets costly and I hate wasting money on a gun when after the first shot I know it isn't what I am looking for and I could be spending it on ammo. I like the 45 acp round and I also like the cocked and locked set up.

    Thank for any help you can provide.

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    Stay away from the following pistols:

    Ruger SR9

    Smith and Wesson Sigma series

    Smith and Wesson M&P series

    Springfield XD series

    You should probably stick to hammer-fired pistols (DA/SA). Pistols like the following:

    Ruger P series

    FNP series

    CZ series

    Beretta series (a little bulky, but you may like them)

    Sig Sauer series

    There's a lot more I can add to the list, but you get the general idea. Hope that helps.

  3. WDB

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    I highly recomend the S&W M&P trigger for a striker fired pistol. I own three Ruger P series and a FNP and I like the trigger on the M&P better for condition one carry. It is a truly personal consideration but I think when your looking for a 45 acp it's a good option to the 1911 frame pistols. Let us know what you decide to buy.
  4. Franciscomv

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    I don't think you'll find a better platform than a 1911 for the .45acp round. Especially since you like the single action trigger and being able to keep it cocked and locked.

    However, if you want something different from your Kimbers, you might want to look at a CZ 97. I tried one out when I was looking at different .45's and I liked it a lot.
  5. big shrek

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    Star made an awesome .45 back in the 80's/90's...:D

    You can still find 'em for around $350-600, price dependant on condition.

    Too bad Star closed...they made some great guns over the years.
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    Zombie thread big shrek!! ?
  7. AznZOhAn

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    Have looked at Sig Sauer, they make good guns. Nice triggers, reliable, and accurate, and they are fairly priced between Glocks and Kimbers. I have Glocks and 1911s, I agree Glock triggers are bad, but now I have Sigs also. Just some friendly advise.
  8. AARguy

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    Beretta 96D

    This 40cal POS is the worst handgun I have ever encountered. My company gave it to me, I would never have chosen it. It has no safety. To compensate for that safety-wise, they made a trigger pull that requires hitching up a mule to pull. The pull not only requires immense pressure, but you practically have to pull the trigger back into your chest before it fires. I went to a gunsmith to see if this could be modified and he said no. The weapon was designed for police who would be able to practice a lot and get used to it. It was designed to be difficult for anyone else to use.

    I understand the Beretta 96D also has slide cracking and other structural stress problems. They don't make the 96D anymore. If you see a used one that looks like a good deal, back away from the counter slowly, make your way to the exit... and... RUN!!
  9. Gh0zt36

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    You can make the Glock trigger wayyyyy better by simply pulling the trigger assembly and polishing the individual pieces. you lose about 1 lb of trigger pull and the action itself on the trigger is NIGHT & DAY smoother. add a gh0st 3.5 lb connector and it shoots like a dream
  10. Gh0zt36

    Gh0zt36 Active Member

    I had a Star modelo super 1911 9x24 9mm largo and wow was that gun awesome. you had to buy ammo at gunshows if you were lucky enough to find some but holy crud it had military grade flake propellant and was mill surp ammo but boy did it pack a wallop
  11. JonM

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    i cant stand the glock and m&p triggers i like the xdm trigger.

    the closestyour going to get to a 1911 like trigger on a DA handgun is the cz97bd. the cz97b has magazine feed issues with anything that isnt 230grn fmj.

    had a 97bd but my dad took it as he needed a handgun for home defense. i then bought a cz97b and found out the hardway about that magazine problem. it seems to be a design issue as cz claims to mod the mags for you. after 4 attempts to get a rma and address to send them in for modding i gave up and sold it. the 97bd fed everything. it is a very big heavy gun and a dream to shoot.

    if you dont go 1911 the only other choice for a sweet single action trigger is the pricey P220 Super Match i wouldnt carry it as a SD gun as the trigger is faaaar too light for my tastes in a carry gun. but if there is any gun with an out of the box trigger better than a 1911 its the sig super match
  12. nccinstaller

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    I would def check out the sig p220, great pistol one of my favorites in my collection. And i havent had a chance to play with my glock triggers but might be a good choice also