I didn't see a Bersa subforum. Question.

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Intense, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Intense

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    I've been looking around right now I'm leaning toward a Bersa Thunder 380 CC. I have a 40 M&P but it's just too large. I was thinking with good defensive ammo and the very controllable recoil...that could offset it having less power. I can't get around the smaller mag though. I'd have to step up to the regular Bersa thunder high capacity. IIRC, it's over 15 rds. For a weapon to carry everyday...sufficient? The M&P was mainly home defense prior to new weapons in the house so it's not really needed in that role any longer.

    Good and bad things to say about it? Thanks
  2. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    i bought a Bersa 380 Thunder for my wife. very mild recoil. because of the low power of the cartridge, it's pretty much an up close and personal round.

    pros: lightweght even though it's an all steel pistol. inexpensive, but very well made. decently accurate enough for it's intended usage.

    cons: heavy recoil spring, needs a little more ammo capacity mag, IMO.

  3. SigArmored

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    I used to have a model 85 . She was spot on accurate with ammo she liked. She had a hard time with jhp ammo but polishing the feed ramp and finding a jhp with a more solid nose fixed that issue.Mags were never abundant with the Bersa and when I bought mine she only came with one(things may have changed since). Super easy takedown for cleaning but be careful of the trigger spring in the thunder 380.,they may have solved the issue but the spring used to rub and snap.Not super expensive to fix nor hard to repair.Great pistol for the price I would definitely look up some reviews from average Joe mabey check the Bersa chat forum to find out more on the newer mods .
  4. BeyondTheBox

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    Awesome guns, Bersa! Quality, bang for buck is on par with Ruger.
  5. levelcross

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    My wife carries a Bersa 380 CC, great little gun. I call it a GFO (Get the F Off of Me gun) gun.

    Pros: reliability, easily concealable, manageable recoil, light weight, accurate at close range, smooth corners to reduce snagging, easy to break down and clean, low cost

    Cons: sights, mag capacity, only came with one mag
  6. gr8oldguy

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    I am a Bersa fan. I have 3 Bersas. Two Thunder 380s and a 45 UC Pro. All of them are excellent values for the money. Never had a problem with any of them