I created a "Monster"

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by danf_fl, Nov 12, 2012.

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    An acquaintance of over 30 years who has never displayed an interest in firearms accompanied another friend and me to the range one day.

    We got him introduced to shooting different firearms. From bolt action rifles, revolvers, semi-auto pistols, and ARs.

    After taking him a couple more times, he stated that he liked the AR. On a whim, my friend told the acquaintance that he should build one. In agreeement, I said I would build one with him and help him should there be any problems.

    Got the parts in, assembled the ARs.

    Today, 80 rounds went through the acquaintance's AR. Now he is looking at pistols.

    Some things just feel right!
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    " I've created a monster". +1

    In my case it's my father. What pushed him over the edge..? RETIREMENT!!!!!

    My father was in military then civilian life, so on the day he retired a few months ago we all chipped in and got him a nice colt 1911, like he once carried. Well that was it, a few months and 3 pistols later, we are now great range buddies!!! Me and brother now joke because he likes to "borrow" some of our goodies, and if u don't ask for them back, guess what you ain't seeing em for awhile!
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    I am the monster someone created a almost three years ago. Monsters are good. :D
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    Well Dr. Frankenswine, good for you. If every dedicated shooter would follow your example and take just one non-shooter (not an anti-gunner) under their wing the number of shooters would swell to the point that we wouldn't have to worry about the anti's silly legislative attempts.